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Personally I don't care for Prototype 2 at all and much prefer the witcher but to each his own.

Can't a man play both? I am in love with the Witcher right now, but I am still going to be playing Prototype 2 eventually. Theres nothing wrong with having diverse tastes. Sometimes you can enjoy a nice juicy lobster tail or a steak. And sometimes you want the grittiest, greasiest cheese burger you can find, With a side of fries.

No need to be one sided about everything.

I feel the same way!!!!

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Get a new one!!! I need to get a 160GB HDD!

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I do hate that the game companies can dictate when the reviews come out. It just makes it seem like they are hiding something. People like me who run out to get the game have to take the risk or lose some of the excitement of getting the game right when it comes out to see why the review was held up.

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Didnt even know that it came out, LOL! Getting it today!

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Alice: Maddness Returns, man that game is boring!

It is? I played it through to completion while my gf watched and we both enjoyed immensely. Maybe you need a girlfriend?


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I am playing on the xbox so I cant even change the settings :/

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man, another game to add to the list, lol

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I might have to check that out! Cant be worse that NBA ELITE on the iphone, lol

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What floor are you on? I am currently on floor 76. I need more friends to compete with. My tag is spongetwan!!

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Ill Take ST. Louis if they are still available! Gamertag is Dirtysponge