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@fresh2deafbill said:

I think it can be the best madden in a long time...although I think it's weird they still refuse to acknowledge the features of NFL 2K5 (which was the best football game ever)

I hate madden but buy it every year because it is the only option. What I find funny is that no one seems to think madden is bad until the new one comes out and then the new one is soooo much better than the last version. I would settle for a HD version of 2k5 with updated states if that were possible :(

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Yes they should come out with a game. You dont need a season to have the game. The game goes off last years performance anyway.

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I take it this is not for the xbox360 :(

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Any Good? I must be late to the party.

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Maybe I am bitter that my PS3 overheated and died right when I bought Marvel Universe but I stumbled across this game and it looks like it could be fun! I am really excited about the concept. Looking forward to more details about this game.

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I didnt even realize I could turn them off. I might do that on my second play through :D

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I am loving the game as well. Good analysis!

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When you mess up you just dont get as many intuition points to help you solve cases and you have to work harder to solve the case. You may also get people killed in the process

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@Manhattan_Project said:

I don't care at all about disc swapping but I do care more about achievements than stupid trophies.
I'm with you. I love my achievements! So I got the XBOX version...oh, at between the PSN network and my PS3 overheating it was a nobrainer, lol!
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@mfpantst said:
So I feel the street crimes are supposed to morally weigh down your character.  So far I've had to kill one dude and had another dude commit suicide on me.  Plus in both cases doing the street crime made things go worse in my real case.  so it seems like a purposeful fuck you to your psyche
You might be on to something. And it would fit the character because he is sooo moral about all his actions. Makes sense.