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I wish it did have first person view (atleast an option). Thats the way I drive all my car games. Its doesnt hurt the game tho. Just would have been nice.

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@MaFoLu: I understand what you are saying. The lipsynch is amazing but the facial textures have not caught up to it yet. But I have to say that this is still a breakthrough. Seeing the adams apple move is insane. I cant look at other games that are speech heavy the same again, lol.
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This is like a dream!! An MMO that I can take with me?!?! Are you kidding?? I am going to download it for my phone so I can see how it performs on that platform. But for now I am playing on the iPAD and love it. It seems liek a full-fledged MMO!! (Just cant play at work due to the proxy :/)

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@RnRpax: Just play "DANCE" instead of "PERFORMANCE". Performance is dancing and singing. I finally played it and my girl loves it which was the main reason for getting it. I even dressed up like Micheal for her.
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I still have the original controller from launch. The rubber on the analog is definitely worn but still viable.

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I had the original PSP for a few years. But once the screen once I never went back. My iPHONE has taken the place of the PSP.  But I enjoyed it while I had it.

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Just looking forward to hearing what you thought about it. I am picking it up when I get off work. What say you?

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@Bruce said:
" @anarchyzombie9: 
  Stop buying into BS and just enjoy the record. "
Exactly, lol! The album is really good. We have to sometimes separate the person from the persona. Like my girl hates Kobe Bryant but as I tell her she cant deny his talent. I happen to think that Bill Clinton was a great President but he did have an affair (well I guess most politicians have). Lebron James is a beast but people let their view of the person cloud their view of the product they present. This isnt a good person contest, lol.
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Yea you have no need to worry. Florida does not sit on any of the fault lines and there no tsunami coming your way. You are good. These are natural events. Sometimes they are more active than other times.

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There are some suprising additions here...HALO??!?!!  But I will go with any of the WWF games in the last 8 years, lol