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I'm interested in joining!

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Probably worth mentioning then with the new mute system is doing a good job of clearing up the mouthy pricks.

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@golguin said:

EDIT: One more thing. Why doesn't the camera follow you? Is there a way to make the camera follow you?

You don't want to do that. A skilled player has one eye on his hero and another on the map to look for locations to TP to support/counter gank or see if the opposition is trying something. You should approach this game more like it's an RTS than a ARPG. Watching only your hero will hinder your learning of the mechanics.

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How are the maps? Small, cramped and poorly designed.

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@Scratch said:

Please don't cancel Company of Heroes 2. Please.

That shouldn't happen it had a massive showing at this years Eurogamer Expo and has just entered internal (Relic/THQ) testing. Closed beta is due to start this month too.

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Lacklustre combat in MMO form? YES. JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED.

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So people moan and groan how DA2 and Fallout 3 are no longer RPGs then when an opportunity presents everyone becomes Scrooge McDuck?

Fucking hypocrites.

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@Zatoichi_Sanjuro said:

You mean the tactic to base multiple GAME stores five minutes walk from one, with both stores stocking the exact same over-priced, second-hand games didn't pan out?! Specialist game store-my-fucking-ass. I've seen better game selections in HMV. I've seen more variety, including older system titles, in CEX stores. They deserve to go out of business. Someone else will fill the vacuum, and do it better, because they couldn't possibly do it any worse.

Can't put it better. Badly managed, awful company who had to bully/buy their way for their majority market share can't keep a foothold when better companies arrive, then goes down the pan. News at 11.

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So censorship is now expecting people to act like a normal, decent human being? Fucking esports.

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I recommend to pass on it, wait for the reviews and quick looks then decide. You're only going to get conflicting reviews of best game EVARS from the fans trying to garner support for the game (it's dwindling at 500 people peak on steam at the moment which is behind Global Agenda by a good 400) and those that absolutely despise the game with some strange agenda to troll the fans.
Personally, I bought it. Played the Keys to the city then the pre release and got a refund off steam. I'll wait for it to go free to play in a couple of months. It has no content as of yet. With no sense of hyperbole all the missions consist of fed ex missions.

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