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If you mean is the driving still server side? Then yeah it is. Everything still goes round corners like slicks on an oil spill.

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@Superharman said:

" if you don't put too much into weapons then your target is going to be damn big. I'd probably put it somewhere between ME1 and ME2 in terms of how everything feels. "

Yeah in that sense it's VERY Deus Ex. I put 3 points in to the pistol and I can't hit a barn door at the moment. Fortunately I'm specced for stealth so I just go and cave peoples faces in. :> 
Graphics aren't very polished. There is some serious texture pop in, worse than the original Gears I'd say. Bit unfortunate really! The textures aren't very good either. But for all the graphical and slightly clunky gameplay. The depth. Oh the depth! It's intense for a console game. I'm sure it'll go over most peoples heads unfortunately. 
Edit: I should mention the conversation system too. It shats on Mass Effect 2. Rather than being given Good/Neutral/Bad answers you're given: aggressive, professional/direct, suave or action. Each person you meet will require a different approach. Reading the profiles given to you gives you a better idea how they like to be treated. For example if I act like a smartarse to a handler who likes people to be direct and get to the point he'll begin to dislike me meaning he's more unlikely to give me information pertinent to the mission. 
A more direct example is my first encounter with an enemy combatant. I rolled up to the front gate getting out of my car. He greets me with: "American." I'm given the choice to shoot him, sure I get the drop on him but his friends are more likely to pepper me with holes. I can be aggressive but that will likely result in a bashing of heads then a firefight. Or be direct. Knowing that the person I'm chasing is an arms dealer with terrorist ties, I was direct with him giving the impression I'm here for business. He ends up on the backfoot hesitating before letting me through. I avoid a fire fight but the alarm soon goes off when they workout I was bullshitting them! :D 
There is another situation like that later on which gives you an ultimatum with what to do with the arms dealer when you find him. You've got to consider the effect this will have with your handler he might reward you if you do what he likes. The fact he's a supplier to a terrorist organization and because of that he has an endless supply of weapons you can exploit him for... Still deciding? Sorry times up. You've only got 5 seconds. :D
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 I heard rockstar were being tossers about sending out the game in time for release. Refusing to let companies send it on Wednesday. If they did they'd be refused a restock. So everyone sent them y'day and low and behold the shoddy Royal Mail couldn't cope with demand.

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I guess that explains why the site dropped quicker than a hookers knickers.

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I could give less of a toss about video reviews. If I wanted an overly edited video I'd watch one of the trailers the publisher has put out. Quick Looks are more than enough for me.

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Use the Carl Gustav, tube and M60 when fighting recon. They love it.

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Oh so they've taken the visual style first implemented by Manhunt and managed to make it look even worse! Cool. :F

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