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Happened for me during the Thanksgiving stream too but when I switched to twitch it ran fine.

Running Win 7 with Chrome.

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I've been following Goose House for a while now. They do a monthly live stream and then upload all their songs onto Youtube, mostly covers but some original stuff too.

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Sazerac - whisky, absinthe, bitters.

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The fibre cables only go up to your BT cabinet but the rest of the connection comes in on regular old copper. The speed you get depends on how far away from the cabinet you are.

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@Baillie: I frequently use the browse videos page and really missed it with the new layout. I noticed though that on my work computer I still had the old layout so it doesn't seem account based. When I cleared my cookies it revered me back to the old layout. Might be worth a try

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80 hours played and got two so far. Once in act 4 normal and the other on an inferno butcher run. Think I had 5 stacks for the second drop.

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Have you thought about a mirrorless interchangable lens camera? You can probably find something like a Sony Nex-3, or Olympus E-PM1 within your budget if you shop around or pick one up second hand. The larger sensors in these cameras will mean the image quality will blow those compacts out the water.

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Zune Software.

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I really like W&Whale. The lead singer has a great voice.

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