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A little embarring, but Mobile Suit Gundam : Crossfire.  I have had this game for years, I remember getting it and being put off by the hard level of difficulty at first.  Just recently pulled it out and have beaten the Federation campaigns twice and started on the Zeon side. 
Before that LBP2, still working on my own levels... 
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I am heading you the same way Ego did, check out the demos in the Playstation store, you may find something perfect for the family.  Top recommendations for "casual" gamers - Peggle, Plants Vs Zombies, etc.   
Move games - hmmm, the Sports game is one I can recommend (light on language, heavy on fun!)...I will keep thinking.
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Also one of my Plats, loved Fallout 3 ~ I probably know my way around post-war DC better than my own city!
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In agreement with you Patriots, Sony creeps closer and closer to making us pay for one of the things I used to use as a giant "plus" (no pun intended) for getting a PS3 - the free online experience. 
I have almost been tempted to get the Plus for all the demos, sale and freebies...but I refuse.
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Well, I did know going into this there were going to be the same bugs/freezes/glitches as Fallout 3 (or Oblivion for that matter), so I guess I am partly at blame for pre-ordering this mess.  BUT it is over the line to have so many crashes due to just small technical items, such as when trying to repair items, check condition, use healing items - I make it a point now to save before even opening up the Pipboy. 
Finding several game killing errors in less than a hour and having to save before attempting most anything is beyond the pale, I would have waited another year for this title if it meant getting a FINISHED product.  This whole issue really makes me think twice about the next "great" game from Obsidian - to the point of spending my dollars elsewhere.  I guess this will be my "line in the sand" - no more buying half-baked games!!!  Give me a finished product or give me death!

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My first FIRST, of course - I will only do the first (Heh)..RYU!!!
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My turn:  I own 2 PS3s, I thought about getting a 360 at one point and decided not to.  Blu-Ray should be a reason to get a PS3, it is a different experience to watch SD (standard def) verses true HD (high def), both systems will have their own exclusives but I give a slight edge to Sony and of course the free online play is a definte plus in my book.   
You have already covered the racing exclusive, GT, which isn't out yet, but promises to be something special.  I remember the series being a big push for people to come over to camp Sony.  You will find the regular suspects on PS3 - NFS,Midnight,etc on both systems, so finding good racers isn't an issue.  I might even suggest Mod Nation Racers only on PS3, a cart game with brutal opponents and challenges.  Doh!  Almost forgot Twisted Metal coming soon too!!!  I don't know if car combat is your bag.
Here's my sell to you on JRPGs, which I am a huge fan:  Digaea 3 and soon to be 4 on PS3.  Disgaea 3 is all about the best sprite based characters, humor, giant battles and strategy you could ever want!  A retro feel with complex next-gen techniques.  Also Trinity Universe (I don't know if this is on 360 or not) is a newer game for JRPG lovers that is a mash-up of several classic game with cut scenes that look and MOVE like anime.  Plus Cross-Edge, another mash-up JRPG game, was good (but not great).  I am going to include Little Big Planet - not really an RPG (you can play it like one though), technically a platformer - but one of the biggest games for the PS3.  And now Little Big Planet 2 will let you create even bigger and better levels (practically whole "games" they are saying. 
Now as for shooters, you may get a little withdrawl from Halo and GOW, but the PS3 does those quite well.  Killzone 3 coming soon, nuff said.  You will of course find all the greats on PS3 COD, MOH, etc.  Still waitng for the Time Splitters to make an appearance on this gen. 
Anyway, come to the darkside, we have cookies!
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I bought it (even had it on PS1), it was MEH then it is MEH now.  The better one to get of course is Symphony of the Night, it is/was on sale too.
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I bought the Sports Bundle pack, an extra Move controller and the navi. 
As for games: Sports (included in the pack), Resident Evil 5 and, don't laugh, Eyepet.  Yes, Eyepet, it's actually fun watching my little critter run around and have it's virtual fun - plus he's black with pruple flames dressed in a pirate scarf, stylin'! 
Spent the most time with Eyepet, then Sports, haven't even cracked open Resi5 yet (damn you Transformers:WFC and your 5X experience this weekend). 
Waiting for Killzone 3 and Sorcery like everyone else, also hopeful for motion control on Pain and Split/Second.
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