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Hi fellow gamers and possible pyros!

This year I'm trying to raise money for a fireworks show in my hometown in Maine for the 4th of July. Yes, I know its early in the year to think about a day that's so far away, but fundraising takes time! I realize that there's a limited crowd of folks that might be interested in donating to a thing like this, but I figured it can't hurt to try, after all the internet is a crazy wonderful place. For any folks that might be interested I've put together a fundraising page with more info at - gofundme.com/fireworksfun

Thank you to any and all that decide to take a minute to look!

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@hailinel: Autodesk University is a conference held in Las Vegas. People from all sort of industries, construction, engineering, film, and games, all come together to talk about whats new in Autodesk software packages(3ds max, maya, autocad, and more. There's classes, networking, discussions, panels, all surrounding what's new in software and how to get the most out of the software.

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I've been granted the good fortune of being allowed to head to Las Vegas in December to attend Autodesk University . I was just curious as to what the venn diagram of GB users and AU attendees looked like, and if there were a cross section of more than just myself, if a meetup or something might be a fun idea. Just thought i'd put it out there and see what the response was.

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Just think of the potential access the GB crew might be able to get with Adam in that kind of position!

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Do each color in vector then adjust the opacity on your layers to get the color setup you're looking for

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Just a idea, in looking at it on you tumblr page, if it were mine i'd tone down the background diamonds just a touch. I agree with others in that they lead in nicely to your feed, but in just looking at your logo text the diamonds in the back fight with it a little bit. Logo design can be super frustrating if you let it, but it's nice to see the progress you're making, keep on it it looks good.

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Do the logo in illustrator or corel. Photoshop is raster based(pixels), illustrator is vector based(lines). As soon as you start enlarging a raster logo it looks blurry and crummy. A vector logo will look spot on no matter how it's sized

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I have a bachelors in science in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. Currently I have a job at a construction company in their creative services department. The bulk of my job is taking photos/video, editing, 3d modeling & animation, powerpoints, dvd production, and a healthy dose of dealing with management.

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I've had my fair share of build your own problems but...holy smokes! As some other have said this is another entry in the garbage in garbage out file. I hear stories like this all the time about how part A doesn't work with part B and the like. When it comes down to it you really have to do your homework when it comes to PC building.

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@CrazyChris:  Considering they're right on the cusp of releasing a bunch of games it would totally make sense, but i can't fathom that the national news report on my local radio station scooped the games press