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I haven't experienced a game yet that has benefited from being episodic. The only advantages I see are in favor of the developer, not the player.

I guess having the option to buy the first episode to see if you're into it is nice, but I still preferred when developers just put out demos for their games.

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Ain't gonna happen.

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I'm afraid your thread will fall under item #8 of the Community Rules.

Perhaps you can bribe a crooked moderator in order to let it slip through.

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Their article about it is pretty humorous at least.

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Woohoo, I saved $1.40!!!

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I'd narc them out without a second thought.

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@cirdain said:

It hasn't come out yet.

I think you're wrong. It appears as though a lot of people here have played it.

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GameInformer did their version of a Quick Look a little while back. I was hoping GB would get to it soon.

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@dannyhibiki: Or you could buy a physical copy of the game.

Physical copies? We are buying Playstation TVs, sir. Is it not clear that we are looking to the future?

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Is this imminent?

Is there a Jar Time-esque Dan feature going up I'm not aware of?

A Dan Ryckert/Danny O'Dwyer combo. It will be glorious