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I'm pretty sure that the whole open-world RPG aspect of this rumored game is derived from conjecture from IGN's Colin Moriarty, based solely on the fact that they hired one of the writers from one of the Fallout games. I haven't heard of any other reason to believe it, and I'm pretty sure that writers can write for any genre of game.

Still, robot dinosaurs are pretty cool. I just wish we hadn't completely skipped the regular dinosaurs fad.

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@locorocker: I'm gonna assume that their solution for this is PSnow.

Yeah. They've said that they plan to have PS2 and PS1 games there eventually.

Would be nice to be able to play the PS1 and PS2 classics that I bought on PS3 though, when I eventually do upgrade I don't want to keep my PS3 plugged in as the GOD HAND and Odin Sphere machine.

How often are you playing GOD HAND and Odin Sphere?

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This game was pretty awful.

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Tenchu: Stealth Assassins came out around the same time and was a way better stealth game. It actually used 3D space instead of just making a 3D game that played pretty much the same as the 2D predecessors.

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I was a freshman in high school in New Jersey at the time. I was walking to my Popular Music class when I passed two people in the hall talking about planes flying into the World Trade Center. I spent the rest of my walk trying to figure out what movie they were talking about. I got to class and after a little while the class phone rang and my teacher, Mrs. Herschoff, asked the class if anybody had parents who worked in the World Trade Center. One kid warily raised his hand, clearly very confused by the question. She told him to head to the main office of the school.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. As information trickles down from the the staff to the students, we begin to realize that we should be worried and even afraid. The only other specific memory I have of September 11, 2001 is of sitting in Mr. Addone's math class and hearing a pair of jets fly overhead. Having been crazy into fighter planes when I was younger, I could recognize the sound of F-16s, but most of the students had no idea what those loud, roaring engines meant. The class went dead silent at the sound of a plane after the stories we had been hearing all day.

It's crazy to see how young some of you guys were at the time, but I suppose I was pretty young too.

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Hey man, if that don't kill you something else will.

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There's no way for me to replicate this scenario in a way that you would be able to appreciate. I'll just say it involved the phrase, "BUM-RUSH THE HOLE!!!"

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You've really been using the white version this whole time? That's awful.

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This doesn't seem like it would be that great of an investment. How much milk could be left in the Minecraft cow?