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It kind of sucks that it's going to be on a Tuesday. I wish it were a weekend so we could ride it out for as long as it will go.

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The problem with arguments like the one Beejoli Shah makes is that she states, without reservation, that the media is overwhelmingly liberal, and then goes on to say that the solution to media group-think is increased diversity--but only lists ethnic minorities, women, gays and lesbians as those that should be included more often. If the goal is diversity of thought in a liberal media, why would one suggest that pulling in individuals from groups that demographically skew liberal would be a solution? While it's true that media is "overwhelmingly, painfully white", as she phrases it, it's also true that it is overwhelmingly, painfully liberal.

I know nobody wants to suggest hiring conservatives, but it's hard to ignore these kinds of contradictions.

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The number of people taking this thread seriously is pretty impressive.

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Amazon has a lightning deal going on right now for the Metro Redux games. You can get them for $35, which is $15 below MSRP. These are some of my favorite games of the past several years, and if you haven't tried them, this is a great opportunity. It's only going to last a little over 3 hours from now.

PS: Fuck Dan.

PPS: I love you, Dan.

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I don't have any argument against his point, but I don't think it has anything to do with why Destiny is disappointing. The problem isn't that it failed to revolutionize the first-person shooter, it's that it just plain wasn't that great. I've been blown away by Metro: Last Light, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Dark Souls II, and other games all in the past few years, proving that games don't have to reinvent the wheel in order to be widely loved. Destiny did not have a predetermined right to have the same impact just because Bungie was making it, and Activision and the press were hyping the holy hell out of it. The same goes for The Last Guardian, Half-Life 3, Watch Dogs, or Bloodborne. People should stop pretending that they know how great a game is going to be before it comes out if they want to stop being disappointed by them.

Also, he suggests that there is no longer a consensus about games any more, but he starts the video off by explaining that there is a general consensus on Destiny. I feel like he was trying to shoehorn this whole gamergate stuff into this video without having it actually be very relevant to the point he was making.

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When I was a kid my friend used to get a channel of nothing but Indian movies and we would watch them quite a bit. Never an entire movie, but in 20 minute chunks or so. They were funny to us for some reason.

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So... what happened?

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This is the only metal band I give a damn about anymore. All of their albums are available for free if you have Amazon Prime.

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I work with family, so there are no breaks... or benefits... or pay