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I remember your name, but that's about it.

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Celebration, Florida is the name of the town. I don't remember which bombcast it was, but I bet it was a real long time ago.

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I don't have a collection, otherwise I would definitely get one.

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I've played about half an hour of Rainbow Moon. Seems alright.

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@jesus_phish: Well, shit. I guess your country is better than my country.

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@spoonman671 said:

It only comes out on obsolete hardware. So, no.

Really sick of this bullshit. Just because you're a rich fuck who can afford to drop 500+ day one, then proceed to complain that your needs aren't met because you're a consumer and the consumer is always right, doesn't make the prior generation and the countless millions still using them "obsolete". If only people devoted this much emotional energy to shit that matters.

Sorry dude, but you're the only person investing emotional energy into this. Oh, and I make about 35k a year, so maybe you shouldn't make assumptions about people based on practically no information. Asshole.

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This is actually regular keyboard, but I would think it should work pretty well as a couch keyboard as well. No track pad or anything, but you'll never have to think about batteries again.

Logitech K750