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I wouldn't trust any pre-release reviews of a game this heavily invested in online play.

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I'd rather have the cat.

Put Goro in the game for everybody and have this guy be a pre-order add-on, as a alternate skin.

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As long as its just Goro, im ok with it. I figured they chose him is because he is a throwaway/novelty character right? Thats my perception of him at least.

There's no reason why he has to be. Given his treatment in past games, and the fact that they've turned him into a pre-order bonus, it seems probable to me that he will be a novelty character in MKX. A new game could mean a new Goro. Just not for everybody.

And novelty characters can still be fun to play. The broad appeal of MK is, in part, novelty-driven--what with ultra-violence, X-ray moves, fatalities, etc.

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1. 4chan didn't start gamergate, Adam Baldwin did

2. An open IRC is what it is, a place where anyone can post anything. It is too easy to take something out of context, impersonate another person or manipulate for it to be taken seriously. They don't prove a thing.

3. Do you not realise how big gamergate is? Taking a snapshot of about 10 or so people (who's identities can't be proven), and claiming "they coordinated all of this" simply won't hold up.

4. That article, again, proves nothing. It not only barely has any depth on the matter, it attempts to paint all people using the gamergate tag as being complicit in some kind of "mass misogynist conspiracy", which is obviously not the case.

Nope, these articles prove it. It's over guys. We can all pretend it never happened now.

It's cute that they're tying this hard though, right?

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Is he really a pre-order bonus? Fuck that.

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I don't think he curses any more than the other guys. I also don't care if he does.

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It's a legit site, bigger than GB in terms of views. Some time in 2010 it appeared with a very similar design as then Giant Bomb. Dave was notified about them and it made him laugh, he told the community, and the rest is history.

It absolutely does not have more views than giant bomb.



I'm so glad that turned out to not be true. That would have made me very sad lol

Gamebomb get most of their views of Youtube, where they have 4 times the subs and get between 50k and excess of 400k views for their videos, vs Giant Bomb's 15-20k. I remember Dave even saying it saddened him when he learnt Gamebomb had twice the subs they did.

E: This doesn't make much of a difference mind, most of Gamebomb's highest viewed videos contain some sort of scantily clad girl in the thumbnail.

Well, youtube has never been the focus of Giant Bomb, and the site traffic is heavily in giant bomb's favor between the two.

Guys, what if we've been making fun of Gamebomb all these years when in reality, it's Giant Bomb that has been ripping them off?

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I think this would be more honestly titled "Let's talk about Sommer's MRA affiliated definition of feminism", "Here's what Sommers thinks about 3rd wave feminism" or "Let's attack third wave feminism while throwing out tired cliches about playing the victim card" but whatever. Have fun.

Also it's gross that you're using an RD quote as support when he can't speak for himself.

Choosing to discard his opinion based on something irrelevant because it doesn't line up with your own views. I'm not sure if this post was serious, or intended to exemplify some of the behaviors he was talking about. Good job either way, I guess.