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Should I no longer consider Crytek UK to be the Free Radical guys? Does that exist anymore? Just make more TimeSplitters.

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I never played Crash Bandicoot, so I guess I prefer Spyro/Disruptor.

The Ratchet games are some of the most fun you can have on a PS2. Jak is ok, I guess.

A Crack in Time is the best Ratchet game yet, and Into the Nexus is right there with it. I love the atmosphere of Resistance 1 & 3, and all of them are pretty fun to play. Even Resistance 2 had an interesting and awesome coop mode. Nobody in the industry can touch Naughty Dog when it comes to the cinematics in Uncharted and The Last of Us, but gameplay is what matters most. Neither of those series play poorly, but their scripted events do a poor job of letting the player know what they should be doing.

So, Insomniac wins out in my book. Let's not talk about Fuse.

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It looks faster than I'd like it to be. All the movement is so spastic, and I feel like smoother animations would make for a better representation of the TV show. PlatinumGames' releases have been pretty hit-or-miss for me, so I'm taking a wait-and-see approach on this one.

Also, I'd prefer an Avatar: The Last Airbender game to a Legend of Korra game, but I guess that's an unreasonable request.

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I choose to believe that this replaces the first Bioshock, which is no longer canon.

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For those who don't want to read the whole thing, this pretty much sums it up.

I don't know if she's lying or not, but I just hope she's 18.

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Always be dwarfing.

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The first movie was the best one. T2 got a little too Hollywood for its own good, as well as getting Edward Furlonged. The first movie was some raw-ass 80's era science fiction violence.

For what it's worth, the post-Cyberdyne helicopter chase is probably my favorite action sequence of all time. They flew a helicopter under a fucking overpass.

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@chumm said:

Touchy territory but I feel like if there was an alternate timeline in which Ryan was still with us and Dan got hired, Ryan would endlessly ridicule this shit he keeps revealing.

That's exactly why Dan worked so well with the GameInformer crew.

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@villainy said:

Here in NJ the DMV was so bad they said fuck it and renamed it the MVC. This was years before Comcast pulled their Xfinity stunt!

I first got my license at the NJ DMV and it was a train wreck but truth told though I've never really had any trouble at the MVC. Renewed my license/registration a few times, changes of address, motorcycle endorsement, plenty of times through there. Aside from the occasional long line when it's busy it's never really been a hassle.

This might sound ridiculous, but the MVC is kind of great.

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I accidentally destroyed several checkpoints. Fuck that system.