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"Wherefore art thou, Smoke?" translates to modern English as "Why are you, Smoke?"

Location is not the issue.

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Can we all just delete our posts and pretend this never happened?

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Because people like you and me are stupid enough to buy it on impulse before realizing we have to dig out our Wii remotes just to play the damn thing. I don't even have a Wii remote anymore, after giving mine to my nephews. I literally do not have the ability to play the game I just bought. But Nintendo has my $10.

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If you can make a little money doing what you're doing, then go for it.

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I didn't experience any combat in that game that required tactical play.

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I think the discussion would have been more interesting if they had ignored the movie, and just talked about the book.

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Despite being a complete clusterfuck at a launch, Battlefield 4 has grown into a pretty spectacular video game. Technically, I haven't played it it "after 2014", but I probably will. Sure, the ridiculously strong aim assist in BF4 is infuriating for aim assist disablers such as myself, but blasting some cocky chopper pilot out of the air with an unguided rocket never gets old.

I recommend trying to play the games differently. Rush has been my favorite Battlefield mode since it's introduction as Gold Rush in Bad Company. Unfortunately, DICE blew it big time with this mode in BF4 by increasing the player count. The limited number of objectives focus player activity into the areas around the MCOM. This results in a high player density in those areas, and therefore, a high-stress game. I hated BF4 while I was playing Rush, so I figured I'd go back to the old classic, Conquest. More objectives in more open spaces means there is less pressure on the player throughout matches in this mode. I started to enjoy the game much more once I switched over to the less focused game mode.

In short, try mixing things up a little.

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Game-related goals? I don't really have any. I guess I should see if I can make a game of some kind.

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If they want to eat they should.