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I don't want games journalism.

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I don't listen to the Movie/F1/Wrestling podcasts.

I used to check out Bombing the AM, but have fallen off because they tend to wander off into topics I don't give a shit about. Also, I feel like Patrick's and Alex's opinions on most things are pretty predictable. A half-hour version might be worthwhile.

I've started skimming through Worth Playing, because most of those games aren't very interesting. It should be called "Patrick Plays Games So You Don't Have To". I feel it would be a more fitting title.

I don't read reviews, because who has time to sit and read somebody else's opinion on a video game? Especially when they're just going to repeat whatever they think of it on the Bombcast and elsewhere. Similarly, all the articles linked to in Worth Reading are stupid and a waste of time.

I cherry-pick which Interview Dumptrucks I listen to. Some are more interesting than others.

I think I pretty much watch/listen to everything else--Bombcasts, Quick Looks, Unfinisheds, Mailbags, etc. I tend to just run videos/podcasts on my PC while I play games so I can cover a lot of content that way.

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It's awesome that you were able to rely on people who were practically strangers when you really needed help.

What's the story with your degree? Have you been able to contact your university? It may seem petty in comparison to your life, but I think having an education would greatly benefit somebody in your position.

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Do people keep nude photos of themselves? Is that common?

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You might want to try out Metro: Last Light, or Metro 2033 Redux. I'm currently playing through them on PS4 and the stealth sections are a lot of fun. They are definitely different from Far Cry 3 though. These are almost all interior environments and light/dark-play. Not as forgiving as Far Cry 3.

And in a similar vein, the Stalker games can give you some satisfying stealth moments. I'm partial to Call of Pripyat.

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2am? I don't think I'm going to make this one, guys.

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I love you.

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You didn't even tell us what platform you were buying on.

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Buying a new console for the add-ons?