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@tehpickle: I actually downloaded the first issue of Fables just an hour or two ago. I bought a new tablet specifically for drawing and graphic novels, so it's now a part of the backlog I've created on it.

As for what TJ said, that was never really brought up again in my playthrough. He also said that there wasn't actually anybody laughing. I guess you could attribute this to some kind of psychotic rage on Georgie's part? His nursery rhyme points to him being a bit of a social pariah, so I'm sure he has some baggage about being laughed at. Still I think that's a hell of a stretch, and the game doesn't give you any reason to believe this to be the case.

The rhyme, in case you're unfamiliar:

Georgie Porgie, Puddin' and Pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
When the boys came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away

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Maybe this is just me being weird, but I feel like Brad should be shirtless under the vest in the picture.

Fixed that for you.

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@capum15 said:

You're Fired.

I feel like this movie is really under-appreciated. I don't think I know anybody who really likes it. The bathroom fight and ensuing horse/motorcycle chase early in the movie is just so great.

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I played through this game all at once, and I thought it was pretty great. I had heard that the middle episodes weren't so hot, but I honestly didn't notice any dire issues while playing through them. I guess you revisit old locations, stymieing feelings of progress somewhat, but I think that's the result of developing on-the-fly as TellTale does.

And that further embeds my belief that there aren't really any advantages to a game, or its player, in being episodic. If this game were released in a conventional way, then TellTale would have time to polish the experience, create enough content to avoid recycling assets, and players might be less critical of individual episodes.

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I tried it around PS4's launch, but hit a bug about a half hour in that cause the girl to drop like a stone while attempting to jump a gap. I think you had to switch out of shadow into 3D space mid-jump and as soon as the switch was made, all forward momentum was lost. The shadow puzzles and story weren't enough to hook me into trying to start over.

That's pretty much the extent of my experience with the game.

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A wild Brad appeared!

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That's pretty awesome! May I suggest some sort of fog effect to hide the base of the tower and balcony?

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Stay as close to his rear legs as possible. Like, literally touching them. When he tries to stomp on you, run to the other leg and stick to it like glue. Then repeat. This keeps him in an animation loop of trying to attack you with one leg, then the other.

He may still do his downward fire breath attack, in which case you need to sprint away towards Ancient Dragon's back at the first sign of his lift-off animation.

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The guy I work with is a massive asshole/scumbag.

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