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Smaller sites are disappearing pretty fast. If there are any multiplayer games that you're into I would recommend checking out the official forums for them. There are usually a small handful of people who are very active in these kinds of communities. I would think a game like Evolve would foster a decent little group. Try something along those lines.

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I tried playing Ether One recently and I couldn't stand the pace at which you move in that game. It's infuriating to know the solution to a puzzle and have your only obstacle be the absurd amount of time it takes to travel from where the key object is to where the lock object is.

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I'd like to contribute my eye-roll to the conversation.

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@cornbredx: We're in agreement on T1 vs T2 as a whole. I was suggesting that that particular sequence in T2 is better than any other part of any other Arnold movie.

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@hatking: Did you play Knack? It should make perfect sense if you have.

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@cornbredx said:

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1. Terminator 2 - Objectively...

Nope. You're wrong already because I disagree which means that statement is subjective not objective. Opinions aren't facts duder =)

I'm with this guy. Although, I think T2's chase scene following the Cyberdyne Systems escape is the best action sequence put on film. You know how they got that shot of the helicopter flying under an overpass? They flew a fucking helicopter under an overpass!

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@spoonman671: I guess that is more what I would like, a game set in that world rather than a strict sequel.

Technically, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and their spin-offs take place in Ivalice, the same world as Vagrant Story. I don't think that's really what either of us is talking about though.

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The Terminator

Conan the Barbarian

True Lies

Last Action Hero