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I have 45 platinums (including the Shadow of Mordor platinum) and have never seen that before.

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I recently returned to Battlefield 4 after having been pretty down on it after it's release due to it's technical problems and lack of controller configuration options. I ended up buying a Premium membership, because that game is genuinely awesome. My favorite game mode (Rush) is still ruined, but there's always something crazy and fun happening in Conquest.

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Same for me.

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@whitegreyblack: Tales of Brave Ulysses is a great pick! I always found it odd that nobody talked about how it and White Room are kind of the same song. The verses are pretty much identical as far as the bass line. Even odder than Eric Clapton is given writing credit on Tales of Brave Ulysses, and Bruce on White Room.

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Horror game graffiti is definitely over-done, but I feel like complaining about it is kind of over-done as well now. I just don't think it's a real problem for games.

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I don't believe in art, so...

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As a bass player, I was very sad to hear today of the passing of one of my biggest inspirations, Jack Bruce (71). He was a co-founder of, and bassist/singer for the band Cream, best known for the songs White Room and Sunshine of Your Love. His super-dense, blues bass sound has been hugely influential in the world of popular music. I wanted to make a thread where his music can be enjoyed by any fans he has at Giant Bomb, and hopefully some uninitiated people will be introduced to this great musician here. These are two of my favorite Cream Songs, both co-written by Mr. Bruce.

Feel free to add and talk about your favorite songs.

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Just play Borderlands 2, or maybe the new one.

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@legion_ said:

@cornbredx: There's a reason that these attacks all happen with firearms. It's because you can't make that impact with a kitchen knife.

They still happen, you just don't hear about it because people can't turn it into an internet argument.

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I never started following it to begin with. I looked at it on day one, but it just looked like another store page to me. It's basically a list of recommended games right? Am I missing something about the concept?