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I've never seen a Souls fan just tell somebody they suck. If there's one thing we love, it's talking tactics, and any excuse to do so is a good excuse.

These games aren't for everybody.

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None. It isn't any different than dual wielding with a parrying dagger in the Dark Souls games. I don't usually do that on the first playthrough, but since Bloodborne strips away all your options I don't really have a choice but to play that way.

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Not coming to PS4 until later? Works out fine considering Bloodborne is releasing the same day.

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Maybe if people play them side-by-side then they'll stop claiming that Arkham City is anywhere near as good as Arkham Asylum.

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It's mostly entertaining. Listening to it sometimes reminds me that these people are weird and have weird opinions.

If you're re-listening to old bombcasts while waiting for new bombcasts, may I suggest you instead spend your time on podcasts about different subjects. It might be good for you to broaden your horizons a bit. I went through a similar situation a year ago or so. I found Hardcore History to be very refreshing after years of nothing but game podcasts.

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Because mandating that we all purchase new versions of old games is complete and utter bullsh... Wait, what? We're not required to buy them? Oh, I don't get it then, either.

I think the problem is that when Sony's biggest game (of 2014) is a release of game that came out a year earlier there is a problem. I (we?) bought the new consoles with the promise of new content. I didn't buy a new console to play games that were one to five years old. If I wanted that experience I would have bought a new graphics card and bought the games again on Steam for $12 during a sale... they'd even run a 60 FPS.

I guess it's just disappointment for me. I wanted something new; while they've been releasing stopgap remakes and remasters for consoles that are already feeling old.

You could have not purchased The Last of Us: Remastered. That would simulate a scenario in which Sony simply did not put it out. The assumption that releasing remasters is done in lieu of producing new content is a fallacy. What could Naughty Dog have done in the 8 or 9 months (I think that's a generous guess) they spent on that remake? I doubt they could have taken an original game from initial concept to finished product. More likely they would have just rolled those man-hours into their next project to be released in 2018.

The hi-res assets for remastered versions of all these last-gen games already exist. It's just a matter of getting the games to run on the new hardware. Producing new art/models/animations takes a lot of time, and those are kind of the things we need new consoles for. If these hardware manufacturers were to simply release games half-baked in order to get something out, why would we need more powerful hardware than the PS3/360?

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Because mandating that we all purchase new versions of old games is complete and utter bullsh... Wait, what? We're not required to buy them? Oh, I don't get it then, either.

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Git outta 'ere wit dis lovey dovey nonsense!

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I played this game during the week of its release and haven't picked it up again since. If I decide to hop back into it, then I would probably buy this without a second thought. As it is, I just spend way too much time trying to get into a lobby I actually want to play. If it weren't for that it never would have occurred to me to stop playing.

I had that problem - getting errors trying to connect and only getting into every 5th game or whatever - but the patch last week seems to have fixed it for me.

I tried again today and I'm still getting errors. I did manage to get into a game and was kicked from it within 10 seconds.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: look at a release calander for original games. There are plenty coming and I'm sure plenty more we'll find out about at E3. As for God of War what else can they do except do games about minor dieties like the last Luke warm game? Unless they do God of War India Kratos is going to run out of gods real quick.

I always liked the idea of the God of War franchise getting periodically rebooted with a new protagonist and new pantheon of Gods. You could play some axe-wielding viking who just has to kill Odin for some reason or another. Or a ninja with a vendetta against a slew of Shinto spirits.

I could also see how that could get old fast.