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Never trust the Russians.

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I haven't played the Ellie add-on, so I might as well do it in HD.

I'll play through the campaign again too for the fresh trophies.

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I'm pretty sure Tom McShea still works for GameSpot, so I stick with IGN.

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Try a CronusMax. Then you can use whatever controller you want on whatever console you want. I use it on my PS4 for shooters that neglect to allow you to aim/fire with L1/R1.

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As others have said, get a case. I have no problem with my launch Vita's unprotected screen.

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I didn't realize TotalBiscuit was such an ass.

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Oh, and did anybody catch how Ramsay was made heir to Winterfell, and is totally going to murder his father so he can be Warden of the North? Complete conjecture, I should note. I have no knowledge about what actually is going to happen, but this is so definitely going to happen.

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Y'know, if I saw a big box lying around anywhere, at someone's home or the office inside or outdoors - I'd be pretty curious about a big damn box.

I know what you mean...

Can we change the topic of this thread to how awesome this game was?

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I do take it personally. There is nothing wrong with having feelings, even if it's fiction or not. Everybody does. Otherwise you wouldn't watch the series to begin with if you're constantly thinking none of it is real.

Also, Oberyn wanted to hear that Tywin gave the order. He already knew that the Mountain did it. That wasn't his objective at all. He didn't get the confession he wanted out of the Mountain. He failed on all fronts.

Oberyn knew that Tywin gave the order just as certainly as he knew that The Mountain did the actual deed. It wasn't about extracting information from him, it was about making sure everybody in attendance heard. This event has a good chance to result in war between the Martells and the Lannisters, which is exactly what Oberyn wanted.

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No, Oberyn loves himself way too much to not care whether he lives or dies. The point is that he was not paying attention to The Mountain because he was focused on a more important task. I'm sure he'd say, "hey, you know, I'd really rather not have had my head squashed by a sociopath," but you can't always have your cake and eat it too. His mind was on his true task. If this event leads to the Martells marching on King's Landing and Casterly Rock, and snuffing the Lannisters out of existence, then I think Oberyn's ghost would be pretty satisfied with himself overall.

And that's pretty much the point where I see it falling apart. Saying he got what he wanted because maybe now the Martells will march on Kings Landing. He'll never know and it might never happen.

Obviously all of this is at the whim of the author of the books, I just think it's an incredibly badly written part of a story. Oberyn always gave the impression that what he wanted was to see the Lannisters get snuffed out. Not to possible put in motion an event that might possible snuff them out, but to actually see them fall from grace. To that end I don't think he would have been so sloppy in a fight to the death as to get that close to his opponent while looking away.

You're right, it might never happen, but Oberyn couldn't really do anything about that while he was living either.

I think the moment he has been anticipating for 20 years is exactly the time he would get too excited and get sloppy.

I guess we have to agree to disagree on this point.