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Wow. It's going to be kind of upsetting when some random guy having to answer the door for the pizza guy results in a massive, multi-fleet conflict that destroys the Ryan Davis.

EDIT: I just noticed that it's labeled "invulnerable". That's cool, but it would have been pretty funny if this thing got destroyed in a month or two.

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Dude, you are way over-thinking this.

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I'm not sure you guys realize how rad Kid Chameleon was.

This is Kid Chameleon. He gets transported into video game land.
X-ray vacuum man.
High-jumping samurai man
Hoverbaord kid hovers on ceilings.
Shoot bouncing skulls! Also, tank!
Maniaxe hurls hatchets.
Stick to walls fly-duder.
Wall-climbing Solaire.
Rhino man rams.
Turn into tornado and fly the fuck around!
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If your game's guns don't jam, you best go and scram.

If your fire don't propagate, expect other games to dominate.

If your protagonist is lacking malaria, get your face out of my area.

Far Cry 2.

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Valkyria Chronicles has been grossly mishandled, but Kid Chameleon is my favorite Genesis game and it has been completely ignored. I would slaughter a litter of puppies for a new 2D Kid Chameleon.

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Go through your pile of games, think about when the last time each game was played was, and think about how much you want to play each game again. You'll quickly realize how much garbage you have on your shelf.

A few of those games may rise in value, but most of them will sharply decline. You're better off getting rid of most of those games sooner than later. Do your homework regarding which ones you sell. You don't have to buy a new console at the same time you sell off your old games.

Don't burden yourself by dragging all this useless crap with you for the rest of your life. Think about an uncluttered shelf! Fuck, think about getting rid of your shelf and just having some space to actually live in.

Every year or two I purge my collection of the games that I know I won't ever play again. The result is a couple of shelves full of games I absolutely love. What percentage of your collection can you say you love?

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Developer commentary.

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Well, I'm white, male and straight, so apparently I'm indistinguishable from them.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts? Go figure.

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Air Force Gator is a pretty (dumb) fun read. I never got around to the sequel.