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I kinda like the whole region idea, but the boundaries of the cities where they just all the sudden stop is kinda jarring. You'd think they'd add in some suburb autofill once you build to the border.

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@Spooty: Well, you want Journalism. Patrick did exactly what you do on a breaking news story by sourcing a cross section of twitter accounts and publishing quotes from then to highlight what the issue is. Slightly editorialised with his comment at the end, but by the end of it, I know the issue, know the backlash and know where the story could go from here. Meanwhile Patrick can use the time this story is in the public domain and being discussed to brainstorm more articles on the subject, contact people in the industry to see if they can spare some time for an interview and use his resources to follow up on it. News articles are never a "one and done" feature. Everything changes, even in a matter of hours. And you have to get on top of that quickly. That is journalism. If you don't like it, then go to Kotaku where you can get all the salacious scandal and little news of actual worth that you want.

You're right that I can't completely blame Patrick for commenting on and condensing an issue for consumption as it is his job but I feel that starting a discussion on the topic with bite size comments from the cultural plague that is twitter about a complex social issue is just reinforcing people's stances on the problem. If he really wants to attempt to do some good on the subject in the future (which I think you are right in believing he will) he'll bring some real stories and interesting viewpoints that can hopefully move the discussion forward instead of just perpetuating a stupid internet fight.

Editted cause I don't need to put (Just my opinion) on a post that is already all just my opinion.

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make some video content instead of this bullshit giantbomb.


This was just twitter vomitted onto a news page. Come back when you've interviewed people effected by sexism in the industry and more thoroughly explored the problem instead of just quoting some twitter messages with little to no content or context. Because of the simplicity of the stories and sentiments in the article all it did was create 1500+ comments of people arguing over nothing and no ones mind being changed because of a new interesting perspective they hadn't seen before. The twitter movement itself is not as annoying as all the "journalism" surrounding it. I'm sure there are a few people that are more aware of the issue now, but simple awareness without true understanding and context is almost as bad as ignorance. Socially all this awareness does is harden people on their stances either way (there aren't two sides to this argument), the only real change you can make is enforcing the rules set to stop sexism and educating your children correctly and giving them the tools and morals so that as the older generations leave their post they take their place with the good sense to not be sexist.

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That's one dumb republican. And that's saying something. I'm from Indiana, home of Richard Mourdock!

I'm surprised his site doesn't talk about how Big Science is hiding the facts about Earth being the center of the universe.

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As much as I admittedly hate Alex (tone, style of writing, attitude), I agree he deserves a more prominent spot on the site. Like others have said, this site is all about personality and context and for new members you have almost none of that with Alex. It's tough because we don't know exactly what resources he has, but he's already reviewing a lot of terrible games so why don't they have him lambast those games or other, older horrible games in video form?

Possibly a "Classic crap" video where he goes back and look at hilariously bad older games.

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Yep, he's definitely hit the religious brainwashing stage of being a child star. Within the next two years he'll graduate to crazy coke infused outbursts, getting his picture taken about to snort coke off Lindsay Lohan's used up old body, performing a few hit and runs, and dating one of Kim Kardashian's little sisters.

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Aslong as you are playing with a controller, it's a fine port. Keyboard and mouse is absolutely horrendous though.

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Too little, too late. Lost faith in their ability to make that game fun..

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Most of my friends quit/got bored. I kept working my way til I could farm Inferno Act 3 and 4 and now I can....sooooo now what? There are no crazy items that I feel like I have to get and no crazy builds that I wanna try out. All that's left to the game is items to increase my dps so I can farm more items to increase my dps. No pvp, no crazy items, no mfing with friends, no fun. Really hard to find any reason to play other than make a little cash which is lot more like gambling with a lot less payout. I have a job and I don't need another one that pays less. Unless they announce pvp or better content like tomorrow I'm just gonna cash out. Major disappointment.

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Maybe you are just getting luckier for gold piles cause I hardly get anything for as far as gold. The rare weapon drops have been especially crappy since this patch too. Already lost over 200k to deaths due to impossible champ/elites and no good place to use my stacks now.