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Rogue Legacy, Super House of Dead Ninjas, Dishonored, and Castle Crashers.

I've already dumped way more hours than I should have into Rogue Legacy. Game is really, really good.

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I can't say this is great news. AFAIK, Gearbox doesn't have great RTS experience, and I certainly have no interest in playing a homeworld FPS.

Not to mention, the overall quality of Gearbox games isn't exactly stellar. Borderlands 1 and 2 are both serviceable, but not great games, and Aliens and Duke Nukem don't exactly instill much confidence.

Here's to hoping they don't ruin a franchise that is loved by all.

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I find it hard to believe that activision put this footage out without knowing someone would get their hands on it and edit it to show only the gameplay. I wouldn't even be surprised if the "fan" was someone from the PR team who wanted to do a litmus test on the game.

Regardless, an un-edited trailer with gameplay is the closest thing to playing the actual game when it was in that state, so deeming it garbage base on in-game footage is fair regardless of where the footage came from.

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Windows 7 on my tower, plans to install windows 8 for my laptop. I have it at work and despite all the hate it's pretty interesting. There are some quirks with it, but people seem to mostly just hate the fact that it's not the same windows has been for 8 million years.

So...Windows 7.

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Classic + Ironman first playthrough. It's going to hurt.

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@Phatmac: I don't think I've ever seen that video. That's a really interesting take on how fantasy interacts with the real world. After watching that, I really hope the DA: 3 developers saw it, and showed it to the writers.

On topic: let's see how Bioware does under EA without the Doctors!

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Origins was fantastic, even though the graphics weren't the best. Still haven't played DA2 and probably won't unless I can get it for about $5. Hopefully Bioware can return to form. Honestly, as long as they don't make such a weak ending like ME3, they are really strong story tellers. A lot of people forget that the reason the ending to ME3 was such a let down was because the rest of the game was so entertaining; At least for me, that is.

Here's to hoping!

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I can't even play the first without shitting myself. I'll still watch day9 play it though!

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This is really interesting. The thing I find most curious about this is the open platform portion of it. If it works as they intend to as a platform for smaller and independent developers to get their games to TV, then it will be a huge success. Not having to deal with microsoft and Sony to get your indie game to the television will likely be a huge advantage for many smaller developers.

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The weapons are universally atrocious. That said, some of the legendary items for the other slots (Lacuni prowlers, Mempo of twilight, Tyrael's Might, etc.) are incredible.

The biggest advantage that legandaries and set pieces have over normal gear is that they can roll certain properties that rares can't (Tyrael's has movement speed on a chest, Tal Rasha's has attack speed on a chest, etc.) So sometimes if you really need a specific stat, legendaries can actually be pretty good.

Also, there's a mace that has 25% magic find on it, for when you get really rich and are just trolling around looking for ridiculous gear.