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AC3, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Star Wars 1313, Dishonored.

In no particular order. Although to be fair this show was really mediocre.

Edit: Forgot NFS most wanted

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Wow. So after years of everyone wishing there were more star wars games for a mature audience, they're actually going to capitalize on it. God damn LucasArts has really be slow on the draw for this one.

That said it looks fantastic, graphically. I really hope they pull through with the games story/gameplay and it becomes a hit. Then we might see more Star Wars games for more mature audiences.

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I've only found 1 and 1 set item. Both dropped in inferno.

That said, some of them are pretty good for certain things. Lacuni prowlers and Boj Anglers are effing amazing.

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That sucks. Although I really feel like 38 should have seen this coming. Another cartoonish MMO style game? The only one we need already ha 10 million subscribers and they're not all that interested in switching to new stuff as every other MMO has proven thus far

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High server traffic at release of one of the most anticipated games this year? Shocking

I didn't experience the Templar bug playing as wizard, but thanks for all this information alex!

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Solution to class indecision-

1. Have 3 other friends you plan on playing with

2. Let them pick 3 classes first

3. decide between the remaining 2 classes.

That's how I arrived at wizard! My friends picked monk, demon hunter, and barb. I wasn't that interested in a witch doctor, so easy choice!

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Probably solo first, but that's only because my friends live in different time zones and therefore will get a head start on me. Once we're both up I'll probably play with them, since I know they won't be skipping the cut scenes.

That said, the only real reason to play solo is for the story. Once that's out of the way playing in groups is the best way to make it up through NM and Hell, and then finally inferno

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Amurika! Doing what the rest of the world does, after the rest of the world does it.

That being said, good to know that someone can run for president and be a serious contender. Especially after Amendment 1 passed in NC this week. For shame.

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I've been having minor issues with it. I'll stick with HTML5 until dave fixes all of it

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One of a few video game companies that is so big it has a cultish following.

That being said, I'm a card carrying member