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@bigsmoke77 said:

All the other 2012 GOTY contenders just screamed out "fuck yes."

Pretty much this. I have pretty high expectations for infinite and I'm sure this is a huge relief to a lot of other 2012 Q4 games

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I'm still surprised Origin has been of any use to anyone. Haven't touched mine since ME3, how could people still be buying shit on it?

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1. Escape Velocity Override

2. Dark Castle

3. Homeworld

4. Bioshock


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I'm fairly certain in some cultures (not sure if it's true anymore) that the placenta was eaten by the mother after birth largely because it contains a great deal of nutrients and the mother was in need of them.

That being said, I guess we know where all the forced sterilization babies end up in China. Just doesn't happen to be where most of us expected them.

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Stay classy Ryan

All is forgiven!

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Of course volition would announce more SR3 content on April fools. It's only fitting.

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I recall someone did a study in my school on our rowing team, and found that people who were receiving negative feedback (i.e. choice A) did better on their 2,000 meter row than those who were encouraged (i.e. B).

This obviously only applies to certain people in certain situations, but food for thought

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It probably just runs well on the PS3 right now, so they're changing it to be buggy and broken, that way skyrim doesn't look so bad next to it.

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This seems like a really poor decision, given they'll be releasing within a month of Borderlands 2, Dark Souls PC, Dishonored, and Bioshock Infinite.

Then again, I guess a better quality game is better late than never, so more power to them.

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Thane and Mordin +1