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Congrats Vinny! According to that other giantbomb thread, you're totally going to be a great dad!

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Where is Jersey Shore? It's the clear victor here.

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Sucks about the jobs!

If the next console generation allows people the digitally download all their games, I don't see many hard-copy game stores existing for much longer.

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This whole ending debacle has been really interesting. Doesn't help that people who haven't played the game call fans childish, entitled, or any other negative name just because they feel like it. Nor does it help that some of the fans are throwing stones at everyone at Bioware just because they didn't like the ending to the game, as if any one person is entirely responsible for the ending.

I wasn't super satisfied with the ending, but honestly they could just tack on an epilogue and be done with it. Don't understand why they didn't do it in the first place, considering the fact that its the ending to a planned trilogy and it just sort of...stops.

Anyways, interesting to see how this turns out, I wish people on both sides of the argument would just grow up though and talk about it without raging at one another.

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That was exactly my reaction when I saw the release date haha.

Good thing I have self control!

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This seems extremely unlikely. The free part seems the most unlikely, however at some point Bioware must put out some post-ending DLC, if not just because it will sell like crazy for people who want the game changed, but also because this game has sold super well already: if they want the franchise to continue, they need to get people excited for their next Mass Effect game.

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Honestly it depends on what you like. If you like walking around and doing whatever you want, play Skyrim.

If you want a good story, and good combat, play the Mass Effect series.

Honestly Skyrim's story is pretty mediocre in my personal opinion. If you want to just play through the main quest+the main side quest you can do it all in like, 40-50 hours just by being a mage and enchanting everything you have with -15% mana or whatever. You get infinite free fireballs that kill everything. It's a cakewalk after about 10 hours into it.

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Fallout 3, Spore, Skyrim, Every star wars game post KOTOR II(yeah it wasn't as good as the original, but it was still good), Bioshock 2. I'm sure I can think of more.

Man. I've dropped several hundred dollars on games I hate. That's depressing as hell.

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Those are some really low numbers lol. Sucks. Syndicate looked fun, just no point in picking it up when I planned on putting 8 million hours into the mass effect games a week later

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Pour one (or a hundred) out for brad's quicklook deaths and the death of this list. You will be remembered fondly