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PSN ID's 'Sprigget'
up for going online with MW2 for the first time tonight......just got back from uni where i can't have my ps3 connected to our broadband! sucks!

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Ok thanks a lot, i'll give that a go. Cheers for the advice!

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So i played through the drums career, finished it and have been going through trying to get everything to 5 stars. BUT, despite saying it's "overwriting save do not switch off etc etc" my scores have randomly stopped saving. Any ideas dudes?! Cheers.

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Playing mostly COD4 and some Warhawk

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IF99 - International Funk
Fusion FM
JNR - Jazz Nation Radio

and occasionally Vladivostok FM, Liberty Rock Radio and The Journey

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PJM is great, especially at that price. The co-op is as addictive as the single player as it adds another level of depth to the strategy. A buy for sure, and once you've loved it and completed all the maps you can get the expansion :P

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I can certainly see them tying at least some of the trophies to those treasures you find throughout the game. I just can't wait for this awesome excuse to play through for the third time!