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Is there an easy to use list of which games have date specific achievements (have to play or do something on a certain day to get it) I tried finding games and making a list myself, but I am not sure what keywords to search with the only one I found was the Halo 3 one where you have to gain 7xp on the 7th day of the month but I know there are others out there. Is there a list somewhere?

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We talked about Mario, the problem is Mario NEVER goes on sale. The Ben 10 and Bakugan seem to be what is on sale right now. 
Only reason we thought about one of those three is that the boys talk about them all the time and it is currently the "in" thing at their school. Not that I am big on following the crowd, but when 9 times out of 10 you see someone certain names pop up it is rather obvious they would appreciate something in that category.

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@ESREVER: I have all the Pinata games on 360. Neither of them have shown any interest in it when I have tried to get them to play.
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My nephews want a video game for xmas, their mom wants it to be co-op, they have a Wii. Almost all of my games are on 360, and games on the Wii play differently. So thought I would ask for help here.
They really like Bakugan, Pokemon, and Ben 10. I don't have experience with the shows or the games for any of those. I would like opinions on what would be the best game based on one of those 3, for a 6 and 9 year old?

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@GenghisJohn said:
" Anything with Will Ferrell "
My husband HATES that man. Refuses to watch anything with him in it.
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Movie I hated the most is Being John Malcovich (sp) I just thought the whole thing was stupid with piles of stupid heaped on top.  The only reason I made it all the way through was because I like Cusak (sp).

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Simple, not that fun but not horrible either. I liked doing barrel rolls (mostly because my husband couldn't pull one off) I found the turret to be way to slow to be useful. Husband and I got the 200 achievement points inside 15 minutes. 
If anyone needs multiplayer partner, my nick on xbl is same as here. Just send me a message.

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This is singularly the most horribly frustrating game I have ever played. Within 10 minutes I wanted to break my controller and was "Cursing like a sailor" as my husband put it. 
I will kiss the feet of anyone who can get all the achievements in this game. After I call the mental institute of their choosing to have them committed. 

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I have enjoyed the game so far. I like the puzzle thing. It kinda reminds me of Tomb Raider with a giant pet. 
The dialog is a little childish in my opinion but it doesn't effect the game too much. Some of the talking animal voices are irritating and I don't find their tips useful enough to warrant listening to them. But the fact that they voice acted everything shows how much effort they put into the game. 
My biggest complaint is that while they let you save at stations, there is no load screen besides when you first start the game. So if you miss a ledge, or roll the ball the wrong way you have to exit to the main screen to load your save.  
My husband bought the game for me for 15 on a black Friday deal. I am not sure where. For that price, great game. But I would never pay more than 20 for it.

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I'm not worried cause you see,  
I already know where I want to be.
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