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Posted by Red12b

Metro looks decent, Brink is intriguing,you haven't played Brutal Legend yet? Loved the whole atmosphere of the game, Brilliant for music lovers, Singularity looks very cool, I really like that kind of concept,  
Did you watch that QL of Cryostasis? I wan't a decent PC for that, looks incredible, really intriguing,  
What about Heavy Rain? I wan't to play that now, I bet the game would be the type to envelope your whole experience, Immersing awesomeness :)

Posted by sprocketbot

Ha, you remind me that I should probably update this list! I've already got Spirit Tracks, Ratchet and NSMB now.  
Brutal has been on my GameFly list forever… just haven't had the heart to push it to the top. Singularity has me really pumped. There's something very "Lost"-like about the concept that grabs me.
I'm a mac User so I didn't watch the Cryo QL. I don't do any gaming on my computer but if they release a mac version of Old Republic I may have to… 
I'm really excited about Heavy Rain. Playing Uncharted 2 changed the way I think about games and Heavy Rain seems like it's poised to do that all over again.