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Please, no Johns.

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The point of all of this is is: A study referenced in the article shows most males playing as female avatars do so to gaze and control them, a domineering relationship. Do you, in general, feel that you embody the character you are playing, becoming a different or similar person to yourself, be that in race, gender, sexuality, ethics, or personality? Or do you only identify with similar characters to you? Or do you choose a character to gawk at? Or is it a more complicated mix?

I don't think it's a controlling thing for me. Honestly I think I'm more likely to do a controlling thing when I'm playing as a guy - like in Bioware games when I'm supposed to be deciding between renegade and paragon and what relationship I'm pursuing. Because in that case I'm controlling the character to make the choices I'm inclined to make.

In that case I suppose I embody the character. When I play as female characters I don't feel I embody them, so I guess that would mean I'm domineering them, heh. Although I've never thought of it that way. It's a bit of an opportunity to be someone else, especially when there aren't major personal choices on the line. When I play the Prime series, Samus, it is about identifying with a character similar to me or a feeling (isolation) regardless of gender. Plus she's cool. When I'm playing some random female mage, I'm expressing my usual choice of being a mage but at the same time I'm doing something different by rejecting the need to adhere to strict masculinity. I think there's something to be said for most characters I've played as growing up having been male. Complex games like Elder Scrolls give me an opportunity to be different from myself. Even if there's an overriding personality homogeneity that I have yet to escape. I guess it's a more complicated thing than I'd give it credit for.

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That was monstrous - and symmetrical considering Klose and 2002.

Atrocious, lazy defending by Brazil - or perfect positioning by the German machine.

Now if they don't have enough goals for the final that would be very sad.

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Dan, the worst-kept secret in history. Well, I'm excited to continue following along with his insanity. Murica!

And Jason, the voice of God, coming along for the ride. Welcome duders!

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I think she's an idiot who needs to get out of the news and the public conscious.

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It already broke.

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The First Asshole of Gaming.

Will never buy a thing he touches.

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Second-best Zelda

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I feel like I have to have a Wii U. Not really surprising because that's how it seems to go with all of Nintendo's consoles: the competitors don't impress me and then I see Smash and Zelda and whatnot and I squeal like a little fanboy and can't help myself.

I mean, I really want to invest in a PS4, presuming it'll produce a lot of good RPGs like the PS3 did, but... Nintendo. First-party Nintendo.