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you do this, you better swear to me we get a steady stream of awesome Vinny content just like we did when Patrick moved.

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I'm resurrecting this topic from the dead because I've learned to love the souls series and am finally going back to Demons Souls to play it blind.

Have killed about 5 bosses and having a great time watching the Breaking Brad playthrough as I go through the game.

Like most people said it's all about patience and tactics. Very rewarding.

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It is actually really fun - the realistic modes are very tense.

You don't even know when you actually kill an enemy a lot of the time.

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Sales make sense for games that have been on the market a long time or performed poorly at release.

If you're not selling copies then people aren't playing it at all. It doesn't matter if they don't play it much when its on sale. At least they play it or have a chance to play it. And you make some money vs no money.

It also works the opposite way - if I missed out on some early discount and need to pay more now to experience the game i probably wont bother. It feels like a "bad deal" to pay more than someone else did.

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I hope somebody makes a joke about "10 things better this year" someday

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@jgf: overclock on my 2700k to 4.5 ghz helped framerate a lot.

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Well i'm sure the guy was repeating whatever his training manual told him about the product.

I was more surprised they weren't trained to try to tell me why I should want a kinect, rather than simply that I should get in line with microsoft's grand design for their console already.

Are all giant bomb comments this hateful? I'll stick to the videos.

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@korwin: I think in general the 600 series Nvidia cards with an i7 and 8gb of ram will perform better than PS4 versions of multiplatform games. Anything above that and you'll be getting better settings and better framerates/resolutions. Anything before that might have to make compromises.

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I agree with his criticisms but I also had fun with the game. I had no problem with the combat design and I understood the amount of combat/violence in the context of a videogame which should provide game-like segments.

I do agree elizabeth didn't live up to expectations and hype.

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nobody cares