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I seem to prefer focused and polished "experiences" who knows what their vision is and executes it, rather than all-emcompassing epic scope games that tries to be everything you ever wanted, usually at the cost of polish and suspension of disbelief. As an example I prefer diablo to oblivion, though I tend to play both. RPG games seem the most story driven genre so I tend to spend the most money/time on these games.

I am in favor of achievements but not for the reasons most seem to be. Achivements to me serve less as an ePeen for comparing a score with anyone and everyone on the internet and more as a sort of scrapbook, documenting my experiences as a video game enthusiast.

In full honesty though I cannot distance myself fullly from achievements having some kind of effect on how I play my games. I do look at achievements if I am playing a game I really enjoy and I am sometimes inclined to try for certain achievements in games I own leading me to get a bit more out of my games than I would otherwise have. I would never get a game for its achievements nor do I see any point in the insanely timeconsuming ones, like the 250 pidgeons in GTA4.

Any even remotely decent game with good coop functionality released on the PC is a musthave for me, since I see it as more important who I share the experiences with than what I share when it comes to video games. I know there are many more being released on consoles but I have never really had the money to spend on first a console and second the more expensive console titles (they are still somewhat 10€ cheaper overall). So I am PC-aligned because I have to and I really like the mouse and keyboard controls, not because I´m some sort of grassroots activist touting freedom and an open platform for the masses :p