Notes on games I´ve played this year

Each year, instead of having to remember come december what games i liked and which I didn´t. I thought I´d just start now and fill in as I go. Games are in order of me playing them, not quality or oppinion.

These games are not filtered by wether the game came out this year, because they demonstrate my personal year of games, rather than a year of game releases

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Portal 2 is probably my favorite game of the year so far but I also felt satiated with the way it ended. It's so rare for a game to end on such a definitive note and Portal 2's ending had a real sense of finality to it (even though they can always contort ways to make another sequel). I would much rather see more coop mission packs, than more Chell/GLaDOS interplay at this point.

And I know what you mean about Deus Ex HR. You probably need a proclivity for cyberpunk to get past its weak opening. In a way, it's got the same problem as the first Deus Ex, in that they both make a mediocre first impression.