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There's a lot of "games" that fall under those rules, they are largely disgusting, and don't need to be talked about or promoted.

Not to mention it's nothing new to stop discussion about certain releases, and neither is it controversial considering it's a privately owned board.

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I don't think it would be UPF, that only started last year. Maybe happy hour, but I can't recall them ever playing it, and I think I've seen every premium video. They've talked about it but I don't think they played it.

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I'm with upc ireland aswell, but I haven't had any serious issues for a while now. The building a PC stream refused to load while it was live but everything since has been regular, hope it gets sorted for ya.

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I really liked SSX(2012), a lot of great choices, and if you count licensed but original music made for the game then the ost of ssx is also great.

Along the same line of thought the Noisia side of the DmC soundtrack is great, as is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's by Amon Tobin.

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Considering it won't be UPF this week, there's a fair chance it will be free.

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There were always two box arts, stop being so offended over something as meaningless as a box art change.

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Oh Sure, I'll listen to what the UK has to say about what is theirs and whats not, It has always worked out in the past.

Or in other words, what absolute shite.

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Dublin, Ireland