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@rirse said:

Is it bad that I just don't care about these games and just want another Sam & Max or Tales of Monkey Island?

I want a new Monkey Island real bad, and I dunno who's gonna give it to me at this point.

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A real bummer. Analyze Phish was such a ridiculous, fun thing, and Harris was a real funny dude. And Parks and Rec is great, of course.

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@jeff: You will not know who the hell Saul is.

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Dan, I can deal with, because he is completely divorced from the reality of adult life, but I am EXTREMELY disheartened that there were over 900 people on this here planet that thought there was any remote chance in hell that Barack Obama would show up to an event called "Unprofessional Fridays" on a website called "Giant Bomb."

The fact that most of these people (American citizens >18) have an equal voting share to those of that have literally any concept of reality is extremely upsetting and pretty much underlines x1000 the problem with democracy.

Ahahahahaha, this guy.

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I signed it so I expect it'll probably happen.

Also, your thread title says "lest gelp".

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Oh hell yes. Not sure why the 3-D platformer (mostly) went away in the first place. I guess they must have stopped selling? Seemed like they were huge and then just disappeared suddenly. I don't see why they wouldn't work today.

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The game ended because they took too long. There was no edit.

this was early on, when dan reminds jeff they need to get 3 correct to win an jeff goes crazy, then it fades to where they all look dejected and someone finally won 3 times, within the first 30 minutes i would say, before they even do the first turn check which was only 10 turns in

looking at it now, my download is 3:51:57 long, the edit happens at 53:56

There is a fade effect, I assume it's Jason messing around in the control room. But there is no edit. It ends with Dan still having just one point.

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The game ended because they took too long. There was no edit.

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It IS pretty good! I think enough time has passed that most of my skepticism has faded away and I can accept the show for what it is. Knowing exactly where Saul ends up does maybe make the whole thing less engaging than it could be, but I am still interested to see where it goes. He's a great character.