FaceBreaker- Capturing Faces At Its Best

Technology has come a long way since the beginning of the video game generation. We've gotten new features added throughout the years which now have been stapleholds in games related to a particular genre. One of the things that I have been enthused in for the past two days has been the face capture in games. The EyeToy and the Xbox Live Vision Camera have allowed us to insert ourselves or others into video games. One of the first games that had face capturing was in the MLB series which was developed by Sony. Ever since then, face capturing has been inserted into games, most recently, the Rainbow Six Vegas franchise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008, and now, FaceBreaker.

With technology growing by the minute, face capturing has itself changed. It used to be that we had to use the video game cameras. I myself don't have an EyeToy or a Xbox Live Vision Camera, but EA has implemented facecapturing using just photos which can be uploaded via the Internet all the way into the game. This feature, which I'm not sure is not in the Vegas series, personally made me incredibly excited. I downloaded the demo yesterday, and boy, I had lots of fun with it.

Currently, you cannot save your boxers into the hard drive; they'll be gone after you exit the demo, but you can preserve them for the full FaceBreaker game, which will be on store shelves September 5, by uploading the faces to EASportsWorld. This allowed me to store celebrities and other sports players into FaceBreaker's Share-a-Boxer feature, which shares your boxers all throughout the world. This same facecapturing technology is in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008, but without what EA has done for this game.

I've created quite a few boxers that I have uploaded to EA's servers. Things are limited, such as the bodies, but quite a few parts of the create-a-boxer feature are there for a demo. You can see a few of the faces I created.

Tony Stark
Jay Leno
Conan O' Brien
Stephen Colbert without glasses

Yeah, I know quite a few people oppose EA, but I appalud them for implementing this technology into the game, especially for a demo. This feature should pretty much be in the franchises that could use this, including all EA Sports franchises and first-person shooter franchises like the Call of Duty franchise. Face-capturing technology has sparked my interest in this game, and I hope this facecapturing technology can be applied to all games.