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@onarum said:

I traded in some emoticons and ugly bgs and got thunder wolves, looks fun, I did it more for the badge then anything else though.

But hey one free game for some useless emoticons and BGs I didn't want sounds good to me, don't know why you'd spend 30 bucks on this...

the cumulative cost of the games I got was $129, so I came out on top.

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I really want the dlc for shadow of mordor but even at 25% off it seems still high

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I managed to get,

super time force ultra

lego batman 3

space marine collection

rogue trooper

I ended up paying about $30 for gems and cards

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I bought a real cheap one a few years ago couldnt tell you the specs, but my one piece of advice would be if you can see how it goes in varying light levels. The one I have the room essentially has to be pitch black for it to look good even a moderately low amount of light makes it barely functional.

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I kind of want to give this whole auction thing a go but with current bids being 50,00 plus gems on anything good surely some of these guys are cheating the system somehow, when it first kicked off you could buy sacks of gems but they rolled that back. i literally sold more than 100 cards and ive barely got 10000

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5314 for me, It seems weird people have 100,00+ to me I had to sell heaps to get that many gems.

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here in Australia saints row 4 was delayed for a month less than week before it was ment to be released

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I like an open world that really allows you to approach missions from different angles with different tactics.

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Just watched the raid 2, pretty good but not as good as the first