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FTL rocks pretty hard

any of the telltale adventure games

papers please

cart life

pretty much any turn based game

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should come work for giantbomb

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really hope so

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brothers in arms had a pretty good suppressing fire system, battle field 3 had better suppresion I feel than bf4. BF4 s suppression doesnt go blurry enough.

I would seriously love a game that rewards you for effective fire rather than the guy that lands the kill shot.

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im pretty bad, titanfall is fun though plenty of AI to kill

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I think it would benefit from a single player offline mode with bots even if there were no pilots just grunts and auto titans just so you can explore the maps.

That said the lack of a traditional campaign doesnt bother me I just finished the BF4 campaign and it was lack luster, maybe if the spent more time on multiplayer it wouldnt be so broken

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PC will always lead the way, the new consoles are already outclassed by standard gaming PC rigs.

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guitar hero

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Totally missed that destiny is not being released on PC, is there any benefit at all for not releasing on PC?

Rockstar tend to be irratic with their releases, one game is released immediatly along side console releases, still waiting on red dead redemption, but then we got L.A. Noire, and nothing but rumors of GTA V.

Why the PC hate?

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I would like to see an offline mode with bots for general screwwing around and trying to get to high places , general practise ect.