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happy with it, if it needs a little more work so iot isnt buggy as hell then hold it back

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pc deffinatly, im actually excited for it even though i finished it

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@mb: Wait.....are online heists STILL not in???


Payday 2 is there for you.

payday 2 is excellent

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I would pay for a Max Payne character, going all vigilante, they already have the slow motion for micheal shooting if they could add the shoot dodge diving I would pay pretty much whatever they want.

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Has there been any mention of any single player DLC content?

Seems like they are really not capitalizing on such a great game world.

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very hyped for this game, have the guys mentioned if they will be quicklooking it?

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@doctordonkey: I occasionaly have a framerate drop if i spin really fast and there are zombies everywhere, other than that ive found it runs pretty smooth

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man the pc release was torn to shreds with 3/10, where as xones review got a more acceptable 7/10. Very little was said about controls and frame rate on pc the low score seems to be about the game itself.

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What would you guys like to see in the next GTA game, personally I really enjoyed the 3 different characters from GTA V, so if they keep the multiple characters going in the next installation if 1 was a dirty cop (Vic Mackey from the shield style) being able to twist the law to suit your needs ect

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@prontopup20: same here I would totally be in to online when it comes to PC