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@toowalrus: most of it does seem like bullshit, but anti-reflective lenses help with screen glare and eyestrain. My optometrist has been recommending that to me for years because I work with screens all day, even before this gaming glasses fad. So I could see them being useful because of that alone. As for the other clames, most likely not, Gunnars seem to be just nonprescription lenses with a yellow tint and anti-glare.

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I would think you could use a switch if all its using is optical out. The C2G / Cables to Go 28731 3Play SVideo, Composite Video and TOSLINK Digital Audio High Performance Selector Switch (Black) by C2G http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000234I6C/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_JTLTsb1BVHXWF is practicly the same one I used for years with my stereo equipment for multiple consoles and audio equipment and haven't had an issue with it yet.

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Whatever happened to the company whose motto was "Do no evil."?

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After buying the Humble Mobile Bundle 2, I got to say, everyone should get Punch Quest. It's amazing!

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Touch her shoulder..

and if you have to ask you deserve neither.

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If your looking for non-fiction I highly suggest reading Guns Germs and Steal (Amazon) It's a really interesting look at why some societies rose in power and technology while others did not. I don't think I could summarize it well, but it looks at it as a divide created by environmental differences. It's quite an interesting read, but it is non-fiction and can some times be a bit dry.

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If you still have the last one I would apprciate it. It does look like it will be good.

If this gets posted 2 I'm sorry. trying to post at work. lol.

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Because some times you just really want to blow shit up! Some days all I want to do is shut off my logic and reason for a bit, sit in front of the screen and just watch stuff explode. They are the equivalent of action films. Not everyone is going to like them no matter how well they're made, but there is a ton of people who love seeing them. So why do I play Call of Duty, because some days I just want to make things explode.