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2 soft tacos, regular nachos, salsa verde and 2 tums for dessert.

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@marc: Dollar Shave Club

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Don't know why he couldn't do this stuff at Giantbomb. He was pretty much doing whatever he wanted with articles and content anyways. No one was making him QL My Little Pony Games. W/E good luck opportunist and don't forget to thank the children.

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I felt real bad for Roberta Williams. She had to beg to get to hold the award from Ken, and then he wouldn't even hold the microphone for her while someone adjusted it. She ended up with the mic poking at her forehead while she was talking, while the mic stand blocked her face from the camera.

After that, the asshole that was making the new King's Quest game wouldn't even humor her by keeping the hat on that she gave him. She handled everything with class but still, damn.

Ok that rant aside, the show just needs mtn dew and Doritos in the award shots and they should be all set.

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@odie_esty: Halfway through Sonic 2. I burned through most of my patience in Sonic 1 keeping the Genesis on long enough to get all the chaos emeralds.

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There's supposed to be three available using that link. More folks are probably going to give them away in live chat this week too.

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@laika: hey sorry I missed that he was playing on a level/content capped EQEmu server. I set an offline server up a few years ago just to run around the zones again.

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@laika: I remember having to log off my main a lot and play the token guild Mage or enchanter with the Shissar stick and be CotH bitch or Shiss, Clarity, Tash and Haste bitch. Mage bitch was only slightly more fun in raids before the rod nerf. You could lay them on the ground in lotsa fun ways! And getting healed by the clerics,and being fed mana by the necros (the true bitches of EQ) so you can shit out like 50-75 rods in a couple of mins. Your health bar would bounce up and down from full health to almost death every few seconds.

Ugh I gotta stop following this damn thread.

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@lanechanger: I thought Gorenaire was a joke to kill. Right near the end 3 wizards with manaburn aa could just smoke him with no real raid. His hp were capped at 32k hp. Did they go back and buff the Kunark and Old World dragons?