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Half-Life 1 at the beginning when the experiment backfires (1999). Looks kinda dull now but back then there had been nothing like it before.

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I just slapped this together that's almost the same thing as that one in NZ. It priced at 2016$ USD which is 2362$ NZ on google's rate. Again, assuming there's no hideous import fees on parts there.

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The exchange rate makes it ~2500$ USD. That's still about 8-900 too much in USD. The only thing is I don't know if you have to pay more for PC parts in NZ because of import taxes/tariffs.

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They could just lower the prices to stay competitive. So much greed. F shareholders.

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immeditately - makes my blood pressure go up when people use it when they use it in conversation or emails to proclaim "urgency".

gamer is second place

your used instead of you're (and vice versa) gets bronze

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3DO at launch, and almost every game I ended up buying (Way of the Warrior, Shockwave, think like 20 games). They were entertaining for like 1 hour for bad FMV and then totally forgettable. I ended up trading in the system and the whole lot for a bunch of import PS1 games. Only exception was Return Fire, it's pretty alright. Ended up getting it on PS1 as well.

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I don't know what it was about it, but when I clicked on a turtle on the beach and the "WAH" noise sounded and I dumped a pizza, a sai and a purple rag on it got me to laugh unexpectedly.

Yeah the turtle bit was the best surprise laugh.

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Suicide Booth. Thx Futurama

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Terrific write-up, Patrick. I love hearing stories about EVE, despite having no desire to actually play it.

Couldn't have said it any better. Great write-up.

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You're probably going to do some dumb shit until you're in your 30s, maybe longer. Just keep dating and spending time with women (friends), so you're not doing dumb shit into your 40s and on. You're still a walking hormone and can't think logically when it comes to dealing with women. Just be yourself, stop the female idolatry and eventually you'll find someone that will tolerate you. You have plenty of time to ruin your life, so don't try to rush it.