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@laika: hey sorry I missed that he was playing on a level/content capped EQEmu server. I set an offline server up a few years ago just to run around the zones again.

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@laika: I remember having to log off my main a lot and play the token guild Mage or enchanter with the Shissar stick and be CotH bitch or Shiss, Clarity, Tash and Haste bitch. Mage bitch was only slightly more fun in raids before the rod nerf. You could lay them on the ground in lotsa fun ways! And getting healed by the clerics,and being fed mana by the necros (the true bitches of EQ) so you can shit out like 50-75 rods in a couple of mins. Your health bar would bounce up and down from full health to almost death every few seconds.

Ugh I gotta stop following this damn thread.

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@lanechanger: I thought Gorenaire was a joke to kill. Right near the end 3 wizards with manaburn aa could just smoke him with no real raid. His hp were capped at 32k hp. Did they go back and buff the Kunark and Old World dragons?

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Played from 1999-2005 and bailed when 2/3 of our guild left for WoW. I was typing out what kind of behind the scenes drama that power guilds dealt with, and lost all my text, so this is it for me.

This area seems lacking in posts with fun concepts like instance rotations, guild alliances, Euro/Aussie/Korean guilds that ignored or refused schedules and just ganked whatever was leftover. Point systems, group makeups, 8-man healing rotations with cover healers that watched separate channels, "sunshine" players, "tourists". Oh yeah no Vent servers or voice chat..... All f-ing macros and asshole ascii spam lines to clear channel chat.

WoW got rid of most of the nonsense managing a guild with 200+ members just so you can raid every night with 50-60 people and thank god. It really was a second job, with more hardcore leaders being unemployed/ independently wealthy and ran it like their only job.

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Don't even bother with 1. The unit management is really really labor intensive.

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Too many uses of the word noodling, and no mention of Simogo stuff - So sad =(

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The best emotional game you could play is going to a public event or bar and get shot down over and over. There's even alcohol!

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F the FLUDD. There's a reason you've only seen it used in one game. Sunshine > Mario 64 on the DS, but Mario 64 on N64 > Sunshine.

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It will bother you until you buzz it down. After a day or two of walking around with 1/4 or 1/3 inch hair, you will get to acceptance sooner. Feel free to weep though! I let it bug me for a couple of years until the choices were buzz, combover or old man baldspot.