The Five Minute Game That Stuck Much Longer

As part of the new Giant Bomb site launching, I thought it appropriate to celebrate the occasion by sharing with you something that struck deeply while visiting here. As many of you, I greatly enjoy Patrick's Worth Reading every week. Especially the little gaming opinion pieces he finds around the net. But it wasn't until Westerado was posted that I started to delve into the "You Should Play This" section. After playing that fantastic browser game, I started to take the medium a little more seriously. So I searched "Worth Reading" and systematically started playing all the browser games that had been mentioned in weeks past.

It didn't take very long.

The earliest archive of Worth Reading had waiting within a wonderful little game called The Love Letter. If you havent played it yourself, I highly encourage you to before reading further. It literally will only take five minutes. Dont worry, I'll wait... ... ...done? Okay good.

Did you feel it? Were you innocent again? Would you do everything you could just to receive some validation that the way you're living your life is attractive to another human being? Did that prospect make you finally want to open the blinds that have been guiding your left for the last three years and go outside again?

Maybe not. Maybe all you saw was a short dumb waste of time. But I didn't. I saw hope. I saw a reason to leave the bedroom. I saw in myself the strength I once did, to take life and make it mine. I saw the life within that Andrew Jackson Jihad express in "Heartilation"

I want to tear out my heart

And give it away

To a person more deserving one day

If all I see is the worst in everything

That's all I'm going to get

That's all I'm going to get


So thank you Axcho, Knivel, Pat Kemp, Teoacosta, and any others who were involved in the making of The Love Letter. Thank you Patrick for doing such awesome work that helped me reach a point of healthy reality in life. And thank you to Giant Bomb and it's community for being so amazing.

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Posted by LiQuidBioniX

I always love the things that Patrick digs up. Browser game always seemed like crappy tower defense games and bad racing games to me, but he seems to find lots of cool ones.

I'm with you on saying that it's really revitalized the medium for me.