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@siroptimusprime: You could get the same amount of crazy fun at hardcore or straight edge shows, only with really awesome people and a room full of love

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60fps whenever possible hands down. Granted I play mostly on pc and I have more control over that being possible, but I can't think of a time when I preferred 30fps. In gaming that is. On live video, I understand it. 60fps looks weird, like there's too much information being given to me at once. But like the bombers talked about awhile ago, maybe it's just because we are so used to 24fps on film that we just need to adjust.

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That new Cruel Hand record is sick. Cannot wait to mosh to that thing when they come to town in November.


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I think you need to add another option to the poll. I love reading reviews but the scores themselves dont matter to me. Depending on the person writing it, a review could say the exact same thing but have drastically different scores based on what is and isn't important to that person.

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@patrickklepek: Dear lord. I can't believe this stuff is still going on.

Patrick, your panel with Zoe Quinn at this years pax east was one of the best I had ever attended. This piece just adds to it. Keep fighting. We'll win eventually.

The Machinist by Have Heart:

"machinist - i am not, i am not, i am not a machine

machinist - i am, i am, i am a human being"

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Im not going to be able to get on until 10. Hopefully I can get a slot this week. Looking forward to it.

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I can't tell if this is sarcastic or not. The first paragraph sounds like a typical forum rambler, but then "Linkin Park is my favorite band. Much better than anything Chopin ever composed." threw me.

I really want this to be ironic. It's hilarious then. If not, then I'm really sad.

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For one join the GiantBomb chat channel in game there are always people looking for games.

3k solo mmr is about average for mid lvl players but from my experience mmr is not a good judge of skill at that level. I've gotten to a point where I never play solo in Dota, it's just not fun, and for the exact same reasons you listed.

The giantbomb community is amazing in dota and always looking for players. You'll rarely if ever have trouble finding a full 5 stack of competent and kind people to play with there.

Look for me I'll be on later tonight!


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@kingspeedy: Oh yeah you're right. Wow I guess most of C9's games were pretty good tho.