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I dont really understand the uproar. CoD players willingly pay $60 a year for minor tweaks to the game and just because it has a new title no one says boo.

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The trailer didnt show enough for me to form an opinion. It was basically just an announcement with some minor facts about the world. I do hope its good, but Im no more excited than I was before.

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@assinass said:

"I don't want to say musician unless if you can play an instrument."

On Giant Bombcast 04/14/2015 (1:58:00).

YES! Oh dear lord usually Dan's antics dont affect me, I just laugh. But this one got to me. Im not even that into typical edm, dubstep, idm, house, etc style music, but if you're gonna sit there and tell me Flying Lotus, Tim Hecker, Tobacco, Death Grips, and many others aren't proper "musicians" just because a computer is integral to creating their art, we're gonna have to throw down Dan.

Throw. DOWN.

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Interstellar. 3/5. Prime example of concept over execution.

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UK/European time zones shouldn't be a huge issue. The Dota community here has people from all over too and we can still find a few people to play with most of the time.

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The realization of where the name "Air Force Gator" came from during the panel was all I needed. Dan is awesome.

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@cirdain said:

Also can I change my profile image in the epic launcher?

To my knowledge, all we are able to change in that vein is the flag we are represented by in the in-game score screen. Im sure this is just one more of the multitude of changes coming as development progresses.

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With the existence of a new UT it felt necessary to create a social thread where we as fellow duders could exchange names and try to build our friends lists on yet another launcher.

UT is free for all right now in a pre-alpha state, yet is still immensely fun to play. Hopefully if we get a strong enough community built here, some inhouse tournaments could be arranged down the line. For now though, let's hang out and have some fun.

Add me if you please: squiDcookiE

See you online!

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Ive never read or watched or played anything Harry Potter.