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I like my Vita, and i have spent $100s in the PSN store, bought $1000s worth of PS1 - 4 games, and have a lot of Vita games. So a free $50 for some games i wouldn't normally have bought would be great! But how the heck do you prove this? My Vita is old enough that I no longer have any receipt.... My is a launch model so would that just make me eligible?

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In recent news, Microsoft spokespersons were quoted as saying; "Oops!".

Shows competition is good for everyone though :)

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I already had most of the games on console already (Darksiders, Metro, and Red Faction), and want Saints Row on console still; but this way i have em on Steam too for only $6.50 more (which is what i paid since I already own them except company of Heroes which i didn't want anyway). BUT i got it for my brother as well so remember you can gift this to someone!! And it comes with most of the SOUNDTRACKS as well, Saints Row one is pretty darn good!

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dunno why Valve keeps getting free passes on doing crappy stuff? People bitched about Sony losing your passwords when they got hacked, (because they didnt tell us for like a week). But they pulled their system down on their own at much cost to them, fixed it and gave you a ton of free stuff, and they are not even a very internet focused company. MONTHS after it happens and everyone should have been aware of internet hackers, an internet focused company, (Valve) gets hacked, they tell us for months that it was the forums only that got hacked, then it barely gets leaked that actually nope it was credit cards and main passwords as well most likely - they didn't pull service down, just made you change password, and gives us nothing free. Yet Sony was the bad guy? Now this, when it was Sony, even with the opt out choice and it only affected PSN not your games, people BITCHED about it, now Valve does it with no opt out and you cant even use Steam anymore if you say no - yet most people I talk to or read posts by are very "meh" about it? i dont get it? I think people just want to hate on Sony? Valve is kinda messed up except that they give good sales. That doesn't make them "good" in my eyes.

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I still say it like Will...

ummm me too, like an executive washroom, and in fact i looked it up online, went to yahoo just punched in "executable pronounce" and the first website SAYS WILL IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan seems extra mean now! hahahah


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haha it did post. doh! :)

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I never said I regret my purchases.

Bah i just posted and it didn't post, I hate that, what a waste of time :)

Trying to read who wrote what up top is confusing at 4am, and i certainly didnt want to put words in your mouth. But I think your comments did in fact imply you regret buying the ps3, and wouldn't do it again next gen? Either way I know if I paid $500 for a system and only played 4 games on it; if i hadn't even played a new release in 2 years of a 6 year cycle - unless I was super rich so it didn't matter to me i know i would regret that purchase! Its just a waste of money :) "I don't know if I am going to own all consoles in this coming generation of systems like I did with this one." That sounds like the very definition of regret! You bought all the consoles this gen, barely played PS3, were disappointed with it and dis-satisfied obviously, learned your lesson and won't repeat that action again next gen. Hence regret; doing something that afterwords you realize wasn't worth it and you wouldn't repeat it if given the choice. So I wasn't being kooky crazy off base there assigning that word to you. literally disappointment and dissatisfaction are in the definition of regret. Not saying you have to love the console, but if you really do own a PS3 (which isn't listed on your profile so i dont know if you do or are just trolling, but maybe you never connect to the net, i know I dont on my old xbox, so i give you benefit of doubt), its crazy what you are missing. i also see that you have played 120 Xbox games, so again i think you actually give the PS3 a big disservice here (its a PS3 article) by saying it "disappoints", if you played all those xbox and steam games that are not exclusive to the platforms on the PS3 it would be doing just fine for you. So basically your odd choice to ONLY play exclusives which you cant even be bothered to try on one of your consoles is really odd? But again you mention that your PC is more entertaining than any console, so maybe that's your bag. But fanboy-ism aside - all the consoles first party stuff has been mind blowing this gen. But you cant bother to try a game you think looks cool?? wacky! So I agreed with you, dont bother wasting your cash next gen, you are right! Stay away for you pocket book's sake, nothing on PS4 will be much better than what you saw this gen :)

"I don't see how that makes me spoiled, ... I just expected more from it". Again, that kind of is the definition of spoiled? What the hell else could they do to make you happy? Blu-ray, free internet, in your own words "the best interface", 3rd party exclusive content, tons of PSN games, billions of dollars in developer costs - tons of games that never come to steam; and you can't even be bothered to try the new games that are basically sequels to the only ones you say you liked? You are entitled to be disappointed, i just think its CRAZY. Fact is Gameinformer, (who you may or not agree with - but they are the biggest game magazine in the world), did an article last month which showed that PS3 had more 9+ games than Xbox or Wii in their magazine. And you seem to be fine with Xbox? So there are a ton of good games just on PS3 alone, combined with the other 2 console's exclusives and i am baffled at your disappointment in "the consoles". Baffled. If its just weird personal preference, or a truly honest opinion, well you are entitled to that and opinions cannot be wrong. I will drop it now. I know guys that wouldn't touch SNES back in the day because they loved Genesis, i think they are nuts (and SNES was better), but that's their opinion. Certainly if i was an MMO guy i'd choose PC. But i still wouldn't crap on consoles. So sorry if i was wrong, but to me it just sounded a lot like you were trolling.

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If its bad i hope it gets canned. i am a little nervous it has so much hype, money, and dreams behind it, that they might release a mediocre game (Im thinking about Lair aaahhhhhh!), instead of just taking a loss. it looks good though. And Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom was fun which looked basically like the same idea? So i am hopeful! :)

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Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain were the last games I played on PS3. I might have to turn it on once again for The Last of Us, but idk if I even want to bother despite how cool it looks.

Hearing anyone say they bought a system (whether its Sony, Xbox, or Nintendo), and regrets it because they dont play it, well you are 100% correct you shouldn't buy the next gen systems; But why wouldn't we want to be able to play all games on all systems? I agree STEAM is awesome! I play that as much as the other systems. But why would you only want Steam? I mean if you are a "PC or die" troll guy, then yeah this conversation is over already. but 100% all 3 companies first party stuff is totally worth owning. I can see if you said you bought it at $500 and wish it had been cheaper? But to not want it at all??? Really?

Like Authentic, Nintendo is the one that gets played least - but i would be sad as hell not be able to play Mario Galaxy etc... And enough Xbox Live games are cool enough to own and Xbox for even if you don't like Halo or Gears.

But to not like your PS3 you literally bought one and then just decided: #1 - i wont play any 3rd party games on it even if they have features that the Xbox or PC versions don't, (right there it was dumb of you to have bought it), #2 - the blu-ray player, and free netflix etc is totally worthless to you, (why/how can you not at least use blu-ray, you sound like liars!), and #3- MSG4, Heavenly Sword, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 1-3, Infamous 1+2, LBP 1+2, Motorstorms, Gran Turismo, Resistance 1-3, Killzone 2+3, Demon Souls, the E3 stuff (Beyond and Battle Royal and Last of Us), God of War, the Sony Collections, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, MLB the Show, all the PSN stuff like Journey etc is not worth owning the system for??? Really? Are you that spoiled or that not into games that none of that floats your boat? I can see being mad that you bought Wii motion plus, or Move, or Kinect or even Vita or something. But not liking a whole console at all - with that many exclusives and downloadable games and features? Even with no 3rd party games (which again is kinda stupid to blame a console for your weird ass behavior), I literally don't believe you.

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I'm not a HUGE god of war fan, but that being said i think God of War 3 was one of the 20 best games I played on the PS3 so far. (i havent really played the others and didnt like GoW #1)

That being said, I found it really weird when on one of the podcasts Jeff especially, but the rest of the guys as well, poo-pooed the idea of the new game. Like "been there done that to death". They sighed and were like "yeah mumble mumble, didn't they already do all the plots already?" But for me, I didn't really play the first 2, and they were last gen (even if released in a collection on PS3), and the other 2 were PSP games which also do not count as "this gen" games. So really there is only 1 real PS3 god of war, I may try the others in the collections, but Im sure many did of us not play the PSP versions. And yet those guys seem fine that there are way more Halo games (like 5 of the just on the 360 alone), and 3 Gears of War with maybe more on the way on just the one system. At least GoW is spread out over 3 systems. Why can't Sony do 2 GoW games on the PS3? i really don't see that as overkill, even if they did make 2 back on the ps2, heck Ratchet and Clank is still worse than that if they want to complain about "over saturation". Even if they just made the old games with modern graphics i'd probably be more tempted to go back and play em (and again you guys didn't complain when Halo did it). Just weird for game guys to be so cynical about an alright franchise, its not hurting them to have another one come out, and none of the games have been bad.