Featuring Sony owned, AND Playstation exclusive characters, here is the make of my Sony Playstation Kart Racer:

16 tracks, 35 characters



Ape Escape Ape

Tomba! (3rd party but exclusive)



Patapon racer

LocoRoco racer

Sly Cooper

Bentley the Turtle (Sly Cooper)

Murray (Sly Cooper)



Captain Qwark (Ratchet and Clank)

Rau (Mark of Kri)



Brave Fencer Musashi


Jumping Flash

Helghast (Killzone)

Horned Boy (Ico)

Kratos (God of War)

Dark Cloud kid

MotorStorm 4-wheeler

Wipeout style car (but tiny)

Modnation Racer Mascot

Chimera (Resistance)

Nariko (Heavenly Sword)

Kai (Nariko’s sister)

Echochrome guy

Cole (Infamous)

Eyepet (the cute monkey thing)

Buzz!’s Host

Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth

MediEvil’s Sir Daniel Fortesque

Pixel Junk's Tower Guy


Little Big Planet (very cute and fun level using LBP art assets, different surface textures to drive on)

Locoroco (oddly set up, go loop da loop, blob creatures to run over and slow you down)

Parappa (in that awesome art style, concert going on)

Pixel Junk Monster (different towers shoot at you, like freeze tower to slow you)

Uncharted (hidden passages galore, golden idols)

Infamous (Reaver terror buses drive at you on track causing chaos)

Siren (creepy zombie mine cart level)

Demon Souls (dungeon level, messages on ground or ghost racers)

Mr Mosquito (objects in world are big so you seem tiny, lady bathing!)

Shadow of the Colossus (race on a Colossus)

Afrika (Safari and African animals)

Noby Noby Boy (Nobi’s crazy art style, set pieces knocked loose like in game)

Motor Storm (Fan favorite track from original game)

Wipeout (classic wipeout track)

God of War 3 (Gods and Titans smashing stuff up)

3D Dot Game Heores (all square pixels)

EXCLUSIVE GAME UNLOCKABLES (kart-parts/characters)

unlock FFVII- Cloud racer

Yes I know Sony does not own all of these characters... They own 85% of them on this list though, and that's why many 3rd party dudes are listed as possible unlockables.... This is not a Sony developer racer, its a Playstation console racer, a nostalgia game if you will; so those exclusives need to be on there. Even some non-exclusives could be appropriate...Many will complain that Cloud is found in GBA's Kingdom Hearts, and owned by Square... Yup and Nintendo does not own Megaman, (Capcom does), and he appears in like 10 Playstation games, but he could still be featured in Nintendo's Smash Bros along with Snake and Sonic - and no one would complain... In fact people were mad that he wasn't in it. FFVII is a Sony exclusive game, and published by Sony. Plus Cloud is in a Sony published movie. Maybe some day Cloud will appear elsewhere, but for now he is in 21 Sony games (look it up on this very site!) and only 1 on another platform... Sephiroth is 100% Sony exclusive. So I think they will be welcome in this game.

Also Jeff mentioned that many of these games were MADE by third parties, but many characters MADE by third parties are still owned by Sony. Heavenly Sword was gonna be made multiplatform by a non-Sony developer, SCEE bought the rights to that game. I could care less who made it, they are Sony characters. So if Sony has the copyright on the IP its 100% a Sony game regardless of developer.

The only real criteria to be in my kart game is that the characters/levels in this game are either Sony owned, Sony exclusive, Sony licensed, or heavily Sony associated (what we would call a mascot).

That last one is important because again Snake is only in Smash Bros because people still associate him with Nintendo; Megaman could be because he is also associated with Nintendo: he was on the Captain N show for crying out loud! And again I argue that FFVII was the cornerstone game that launched the Sony PSOne into the best selling console of all time. Sony owes that game a lot and those characters should be honored in the game. And its not like i'm pushing for original resident evil or 3D metal gear solid here, or Crash Bandicoot..... Those games and characters themselves are on other consoles and associated with other consoles; again FFVII is Sony exclusive.

Again 85% of these characters in my list are in fact owned by Sony or are contracted 100% as exclusives... But there are a few 3rd party exclusives in the list, (Tomba, Cloud, Yakuza), that Sony would have to pay for in order to use... Why include them? Well....

Playstation is a 3rd party platform for a good chunk of its games and identity (resident evil, metal gear, final fantasy, GTA); as long as the 3rd party character is exclusive to a Sony system like Tomba, then I count him is a Sony character.

Toejam and Earl were not owned by Sega, but they were exclusive to the Sega console; and so people wanted them in the Sega kart game. They were Sega characters only because they was exclusive. Not because of ownership (Sega did not license them for the game in fact). Same idea as Tomba.... If Sony would license him for this game, i would love him in it. "But is Tomba really a Sony character?" some would still ask... As I said they do not own him, and no Toejam and Earl aren't Sega guys either... But take Crash Bandicoot for example... He was so "Sony" he did Sony advertisements and was published by Sony; he was totally considered by everyone to be a Sony mascot character. But obviously Sony did not own him at all and he expanded to other platforms as well. Crash would 100% be in this game if he had never betrayed the platform (big loss huh?). So for our kart racer possession is 9/10 of the law.

Again all characters subject to change, some could be added or lost, 3d Dot Game Hero could go multi-platform for all i know, (its not out as i write this), but its a fun idea, and it shows Sony could and should do it!

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