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They went pretty far out of their way to copy the uruk speech mannerisms from the Peter Jackson movies for the game, which I'm surprised wasn't pointed out in this thread right away!

In short, I blame Peter Jackson for everything. I expect he just wanted to give the uruks a distinct dialect that you'd immediately associate with them later in the movies, and yeah, I think it's fairly unique to Jackson's orcs. Warcraft orcs sound nothing like uruks.

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No one big, which is not unusual for a genre film I guess.

The Blizzcon panel convinced me that this movie has the right people behind it. Turning that talent into a great movie is another task entirely but it is not a Hollywood cash-in.

Duncan Jones is a great director who understands the universe. The VFX Director is very familiar with WoW. Blizzard is heavily involved with Chris Metzen overseeing story and the Blizzard cinematic department handling concept art. I am not sure what a great Warcraft movie is but these guys think they've figured it out.

You say that as if Chris Metzen being involved in story these days is a good thing.

Thinking about HOTS still gives me nightmares.

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I'm pretty sure that the engineers at Valve have used and researched xbox 360 and ps3 controllers for a long time, and they are confident that this controller is as good or better. Otherwise it would be insane to try to sell this new tech to people if it isn't as good as other controllers, right?

Ouya didn't have much money to use on their controller research so it's not that great of an controller, but Valve has no shortage of money so I'm optimistic.

Really just playing devil's advocate here, but we see countless examples every single day of companies that have virtually bottomless budgets to work with but absolutely no idea of what works and what doesn't.

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What happens when you have to use the "sticks" and the buttons at the same time? The button placement seems awkward.

Gotta agree with this. With this kinda button placement it's pretty much impossible to make a game where you're always in control of one stick, which in most action games is pretty essential. Playing your standard shooter with this controller will basically mean that there will be moments where you're forced to stand completely still.

"Every button and input zone has been placed based on frequency of use, precision required and ergonomic comfort. There are a total of sixteen buttons on the Steam Controller. Half of them are accessible to the player without requiring thumbs to be lifted from the trackpads, including two on the back. All controls and buttons have been placed symmetrically, making left or right handedness switchable via a software config checkbox."

Eight buttons besides the "sticks" themselves that you don't have to take your thumbs off the sticks to reach, also bearing in mind that the sticks are clickable just like on standard controllers. That's more than in line with the current generation of controllers.

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I was getting all excited for this game thinking it sounded so awesome reading Marino's wiki article right up until I read that it was going to run on the Forgelight engine. Unless they put some serious work into optimizing that engine better than they did the technical abortion of a game that is Planetside 2, I won't get within a country mile of this one. :P

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Wait a minute, did a game that calls itself an MMO really make it out of beta with guilds nonfunctional?

That... might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard about an MMO launch ever.

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The real key to learning CK2 as a new player is just accepting that getting your ass kicked is part of the fun. Even the people who really know what they're doing will still occasionally get screwed over by the RNG by unlucky assassinations, bad trait rolls, that bastard pagan neighbor who won't stop molesting your border provinces, whatever the hell else. The reality of the game is that the constant emergent gameplay that might make it feel like you're just getting stomped on is a huge part of what makes CK2 (and other Paradox games, for that matter) so endlessly fascinating for people who take the time to get under the surface. There just aren't many situations where even when you felt like you had your ass completely kicked in that you won't be able to come back, even if one of your heirs will have to be the one to get the job done.

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