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Character creation is open again, so once the maintenance is over I'll be on for a few minutes, then I'll be back around 6pm CST. Hopefully there's still room for more members. My character's name is Serell Reia.

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All I want is Borderlands 2 and the season pass + DLC. I was going to buy it on amazon digitally, but I live in Canada, and have a Canadian credit card, so now that's out and I just have to hope that steam sells it at a similar price when the time rolls around.

Nevermind. There is no longer anything I want from the Steam Summer Sale.

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I used OkCupid for a few months. I talked to a few guys, but nothing really seemed to go from there. But one evening, a read an article, about how to get people's attention on dating websites. But you have to go out there, and send people messages instead of waiting for them to send them to you. Instead of just sending a note that says "Hi" or "You're Beautiful", send them something meaningful. Take a look at their interests, or their pictures, and find something that stands out. Then make a comment on it, if it's about games, ask them about something that just came out, or a game that you like that you could recommend. If they have a pet, ask them questions about it. From personal experience, I find the best way to get people to talk to you, is to make the conversation about them, but without trying to be too pushy.

I met my boyfriend on OkCupid over two and a half years ago, I sent him a message talking about how awesome the hat he was wearing in one of his pictures was, and it just went from there. But I guess it's hit and miss for some people.

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Does anyone want to trade fruit? I have peaches.

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My Friend Code is 1461-7419-1341!

I'm Danni! I'll be getting it Sunday, but won't be able to play online until that evening since I'll be at work!

Edit: Added everyone who posted up to this point.

If you add me, send me a message so I can make sure I have you added as well.

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Serell@squishalope Please!

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@Vitor said:

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@Terramagi said:

The game's broken to the point of being completely unplayable. The shot percentages literally lie to you to the point where 100% shots miss, entire groups of enemies can spawn in plain sight (and attack instantly, doubtlessly killing at least 2 or 3 people due to their "flanking manoevre"), and line of sight means absolutely nothing - I've had enemies shoot me through 3 sets of walls. Oh, and when flying enemies move, they have fucking noclip. Geometry means NOTHING.

The game isn't "tough but fair". It has the exact same failings all of Firaxis' games have, and unfortunately for them this isn't the 90s - having the computer outright and blatantly cheat CONSTANTLY is not acceptable.

Unplayable? I think that's an exaggeration. Especially due to the fact that you went in this game with beyond high standards and expectations (due to your obvious dislike of Firaxis with your little ending complaint). There are a few glitches here and there but that happens. The game is still highly playable.

The game literally locks up if you hit two Mutons with a rocket and they both use Intimidate. Every single thing I typed out happens CONSTANTLY. You can barely get through a mission without SOMEBODY embedding themselves in the ceiling, becoming completely untargettable, and shooting all your guys from across the map.

This isn't a small indie production. They're charging full retail price for a game that couldn't even figure out a way to have your camera not become lodged in the roof of every large class spaceship.

Man, that sucks. The only consistent 'problem' I get is whenever I shoot a Berserker and it runs towards the attacker, the game stutters like a motherfucker until he stops. Everything else is usually fine.

Oh thank God this isn't just me. I was getting worried about my machine at first.

Man, that totally happens to me on the PC too! It's such a pain, I just assumed my GPU was dying or something :|

My FPS drops to like 10-12 whenever a Berserker runs.

I'm on the pc as well, and whenever a Berserker runs at one of my guys my fps drops horribly, and 20% of the time it will crash completely, or lock up to the point where I have to force close the game.

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When does the psn usually update the new releases? I've just put 20$ into my psn wallet, and want to buy this game really bad.

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As a driver, I hate people who bike down the middle of the lane and hold up traffic. So if I bike, I try to stay out of traffic, and I go across the sidewalk if I can. But everybody in my area always does that, and there aren't very many walkers to begin with.

The people around here can't drive worth shit anyways, so, I wouldn't trust my life on a road on a bike anyways.

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It was playable for the first while after it went up.

In that aspect, it's already launched better than Diablo. I probably won't get to play before I have to go to work for the rest of the day, but I'm pleased with what I saw last night. No complaints about it being down now.

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