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Alright, here's how it all goes down: Miz and Jericho have another match at this week's RAW. Whatever. Nothing too fancy. Jericho wins again. Miz gets all pissy and storms off. Jericho gets a microphone and starts talking then...BAM. Wyatt intro hits and Jericho is surrounded again. Small verbal back and forth between Bray and Jericho. Wyatt family gets ready to stomp Jericho then...DOUBLE BAM! Lights go out in the arena. Strange noises. Sounds of wings flapping, crows cawing. Lights come back on...STING IS IN THE RING, POINTING A GODDAMN BLACK BASEBALL BAT AT BRAY WYATT. Jericho takes the initiative and jumps on Harper. Bray gets out of the ring as Sting starts beating on Rowan. Wyatts clear out and move up the ramp as Bray starts laughing at the new development. Cole tells us to download the app as Lawler babbles inanely about shit from the 70's and JBL calls Cole a "Potato-headed fuck." Cut to commercial. I'm a goddamn genius.

...But, yeah. It's just going to be an announcement that Sting is in the next vidja game. Still kind of neat.

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Can we all take a moment to acknowledge that, for once, Xavier Woods had a pretty good showing in a match? He actually got to have an offense going for a bit! Things might be looking up!

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I just really, really, REALLY wish people would realize one universal truth to ALL internet arguments: There are fucking idiots on BOTH SIDES of EVERY argument. Doesn't matter what side you're on. Doesn't matter how black and white it might seem. There will always be absolutely abhorrent people that say amazingly horrible shit no matter what is being talked about. And more importantly, just because someone is on "your side", doesn't mean you have to stick up for them and defend them. You feel that Giant Bomb did nothing wrong with hiring the guys that they felt were the best fit? You don't need to stick up for the psychotic dumbfucks that make threats and insults. Think that Giant Bomb should have diversified a bit more and feel a bit let down, thinking that the application process was just a formality? You don't need to defend fucking idiots on twitter that rant about how they're taking a stand against sexism and racism...and then immediately talk about how they hate all members of a certain sex and race.

A LOT of these people don't want to have a discussion. They don't want to have an argument. They just want to keep shouting and shouting until they're the last ones shouting. This is viewed as a "Win" in their minds. Just ignore these idiots and move on. I mean, come on, gang. VIDEO GAMES! Let's have some damn fun.

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I think we'll see some new, gloriously stupid things start to happen thanks to the more powerful hardware. My dream is that we'll see an incredible old-school fast-paced FPS this generation where you're just dumping thousands of bullets into hundreds of enemies rushing towards you. Sweet, sweet murder.

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I probably spent way too long learning how to make a gif just so I could immortalize this glorious moment from NXT:

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I hope Rollins cuts an awesome promo about being tired of having to support an idiot and a psychopath...and then Reigns and Ambrose go on to fuck shit up in tag-team action in a crazy stupid fashion.\

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Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest game of all-time. In my eyes, it's damn near flawless. Interesting and entertaining story, characters, and gameplay.

Chrono Cross, however, is one of the biggest pieces of shit I've ever tried to play. 500 characters, and barely any backstory for most of them, nonsensical gameplay mechanics, and a plot that just screams "PS1 Era Squaresoft game", a time where I felt that they got their heads so far up their own ass that they couldn't tell the most basic of stories without throwing in a thousand lame-ass plot twists and melodrama if they tried.

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FINALLY got a promotion at my job. Increase in pay, full benefits, , better schedule, etc. BUT, the thing that probably excited me the most is the fact that it's a night shift job, which means that I will NEVER miss another RAW or PPV again! Though, I am slightly bummed that I will most likely miss the crazy Japanese PPVs (unless those are also on a set day of the week like how WWE always has their stuff on Sundays).