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Swat 4 was a really good game.

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Complaining about Origin is just tiring at this point. It works fine, and it seems like most of the bleating comes from people who haven't used it. Sure steam is great, but do you really expect a company the size of EA not to have their own system?

Complaining about exclusivity doesn't hold up. Does Origin have Half Life 2 or other games from that series?

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Ok thanks.

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Can you use USA based prepaid debit cards like Visa Vanilla for premium membership? You buy them in convenience stores. Does giantbomb ask for billing information beyond the card number, sec code, and date?

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That looks nice, but every other screenshot of this game on PC will look the same. It's not like there's mods or anything. There's a PC screenshot thread already.

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From someone else in the BF4 forum.

It's not running at a true 1080p but 900 thats been upscaled. Look at the aliasing on the console versions.

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@lysergica33 said:
Going to start replaying MP3 today I think, despite my grievances with the writing, it seems like an appropriate time to revisit it.

That was the result of the lack of Sam Lake who did the writing for Max Payne 1 and 2. Max Payne 3 was just a strange departure for the series. The writing was less unique, as noted in the review on Giantbomb, and long time fan reception. The third entry in the series felt like an attempt to shoehorn other source material in the plot, which dramatically changed the tone and style.

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@cameron said:

I'm sure the CPU stuff is mostly nonsense. Other than some huge strategy games there isn't much that is CPU limited,

Open world games have relied heavily on the CPU, look at GTA 4. A game with a lot of objects to process has different requirements than a highly detailed linear game.

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@seppli: Well if you will be using a console a lot, then it sounds like that would be a better choice for you.

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I haven't played it yet, but I was wondering how things like movement, weapon accuracy, and recoil were modeled compared to BF3 and Call of Duty. BF3 seemed like it always had a lot more recoil, requiring you to fire in short bursts to get long range accuracy, which was a nice change from the fast and frantic Call of Duty MP. It certainly wasn't on par with Arma, but it seemed like it was trying to in some ways find the middle. How does it compare to BF3 and Call of Duty?