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Uno is a great 400 point game. It's very breathtaking.

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After a hour of dealing with Kick Off 1 I'm just sick of looking it up. Someone please just PM me the answer. Or give me a really obvious hint.

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Graphics are really bad.

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I'm Seth, big video game fan here. I'm also a member on NeoGAF with the same username there. 

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  @Stang said: 

@SquirrelNuckle: right now if you are on! GT is Da Stang. "
Just send you a friend request Stang.
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@Stang said:
" @ZombieHunter:  Cool, can't wait to play you!
@SquirrelNuckle: Ok, I am a bit scared about this. A single post and you want to play me for the pad, I have a feeling you are Justin Wong or some shit. But hey, whatevs. LETS DO THIS!
 @lordofultima: Yeah, after the 19 games you needed to warm up, the matches were much better. I could not give less of a shit about our score, that was honestly the most fun I have had playing SF in a long time. I was laughing an hour after we finished when I thought about that one round when you were teleporting all over the damn place and I was frantically spamming srk. "
Haha, nah. I'd just like to have a game pad. When's a good time for you?
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I'd be down for challenging you. I'm still using the crappy 360 pad.