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Giant Bomb NYC Quick Look: FTL Advanced Edition?

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Amazon? Amazon??? AMAZOOOOOOOOOON!!!!

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Don't know if this has been posted yet, but just thought I'd share. Pachter just did a shoutout to GB on the latest Pach Attack.


"If you're interested in keen insight into game quality, I suggest you go to the Giant Bomb website. Those guys are pretty good, they're pretty honest."

Kinda cool to hear him say that on his GameTrailers hosted show. Stick around for a pretty horrible (but maybe a little fun) faux hiphop video featuring 'the Pach'.

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@donkeykong: So sad. This makes it worse and better somehow.

@tjuk: # Likewise :(((

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Incredibly sad news. Like many I have never met Ryan personally and yet I feel like losing someone who is very close to me. Thank you for your amazing work for Giant Bomb. Your humor, laughter and wit was an inspiration. I can honestly say you will be missed tremendously.

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Wow, how awkward was that conversation between Owata and Reggie. Cringefest.

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I have the same thing! Looks fine on Firefox, on Chrome no carrousel.

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Thanks, I'll check these out.

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Woah, it actually came out yesterday (in Europe anyway). Thanks. Any others?

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