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@gaff: I had them level at first but it looked even weirder to me... maybe I post the leveled out one too...

These people are crazy. Making them level makes it look like two sides of one person, like @mlarrabee said. The uneven faces are what make it!

Symmetry is aesthetically more pleasing: the bandanna on the left balances out the GB logo on the left. Both sides now mirror the other, especially when you consider the two snakes and the way the text is arranged! IT'S SCIENCE!

But the bandana and the logo aren't symmetrical. Fuck science. If it's telling me I'm wrong, fuck science! I love the asymmetry!

I agree, I love the asymmetrical one!

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Yeah, I would be interested.

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Maniac Mansion

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@ravey: The poses and outfits make me super happy.

I love this thread.

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Applause is no 'Heavy Metal Lover' but it's catchy enough.

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@srah I recognise that zebra! Great to see more of your work, I love your style.

Thank you so much! :)

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I don't draw much but here's some artwork for a kid's book & game for uni

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Haha, damnit. I was trying to hide but you can see my face. I was the chump in the sparkly blue top.

I only met a couple of you (social anxiety can get the better of me at times) but you guys were awesome! Shame I didn't get to meet everyone and play CAH.

Anyway, here's my twitter and steam. It was a super surreal moment listening to 'Party Hard' on the drive back to the station.

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If there are more CAH games to be horrible at (horribly awesome) I am so in.

Me too! My twitter is srah_o (I rarely tweet) if anyone has a table.

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I have no words. I feel like everyone at giantbomb has been there for me during my best and worst times, even though I've never met you guys. Earlier this year I lost someone close to me and watching all the videos was a great comfort & distraction from the pain. I really wish I could do something for those who personally knew Ryan. This can't be real. :(