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@peezmachine: Thanks alot man!!! I guess I figured it all out. Now that I think of it, it wasn't that hard. Just a doubt on a)i), is the answer b-a or a-b, and why?

OB + BA = OA

That's all I'm saying. Look up stuff on how to add vectors in a triangle for clarification.

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@sravankb: Yeah I forgot to mention I played Hot Pursuit too but maybe I'll give Grid a go. Do you know if there is anyone still playing online or not?

No idea. Haven't played it in a while. Plus, I didn't really like the online portion all that much. Partly cause I don't like most online games, but mostly cause every single race had at least one asshole who'd always try and ram you off the road.

But yeah, the single player is fantastic. Give it a go if you're okay with circuit racing with semi-realistic handling. Forgot to mention - the boss races are really fantastic as well.

Based on the games you listed (open world, arcade racing), I'm really not sure if you'll like it, but I'm pretty sure there's a demo for the PC version. Give it a shot.

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Grid 1 is fantastic. I consider it to be my personal favorite racing game.

That being said, it's not easy to get into. The handling system takes a bit of getting used to. But once you do, it's by far the most satisfying handling I've experienced in a racing game. It's a perfect balance between arcadey and sim. I'd say get the demo, and check out the handling. If you're okay with that, the game will not be an issue at all.

However, if you want something easy to get into - you should try Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010). Great arcade-style handling, awesome Bond-style gadgets and weapons, and a great pursuit system. It's pretty fun online as well. And oh man, the sense of speed is fantastic -

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Once I realized that Kid Rock was ryhming "things" with "things" in "all summer long", I couldn't unhear it anymore. Really spoils one of the most original songs by one of the greatest artist of this century.

Most authentic artist of this century, you mean.

OT: That "All about that bass" song. It's not meaningless, but just annoying. Stop trying to convince me that being fat is okay. It just isn't. I'd know; I'm overweight. Trying to lose that excess weight is hard, yes - but simply trying to delude yourself into accepting it and telling everyone else that it's okay is just bullshit. It's a medical condition, and needs to be remedied, not encouraged.

It's especially annoying cause that song is so goddamn catchy. I need to force myself to listen to other songs to get it out of my head.

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Ubisoft might just be the new EA. Hell, at least EA releases good games now and then. Ubi seems to have a terrible track record this year. And their PR is fucking atrocious. Like, how do those guys still have their jobs?

Every Ubi game released in 2014 has been bad / mediocre as hell. Except for Far Cry 4, which is pretty good, but is basically Far Cry 3. They really need to do something good for next year.

Just look at the games they released this year:

  • South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Child of Light
  • Watch Dogs
  • Assassin's Creed Unity
  • Assassin's Creed Rogue
  • Far Cry 4

Watch Dogs was a good game, it just gets hate because people think it was over hyped. To call it a bad game because of that is ridiculous.

I swear I'm not trying to be cynical here. I've played and finished Watch Dogs, and I'm gonna stick to my previous stance - it's 90% mediocre, 10% bad. And the reason I finished it cause I was genuinely hoping for something good to happen.

Hell, I'm not the type of gamer who asks for innovation in every single title. For games that aren't too unique, I ask that they make up for that in how they feel / control as an action game. It's why I'm still playing Destiny even though several of their design decisions are straight up stupid. As for Watch Dogs' controls, while they're serviceable, they were just not fun. Nothing felt rewarding, the shooting / driving / hacking, was just too... plain.

And Assassin's Creed Unity is broken, that's well documented. We really shouldn't be okay with games releasing in the state that that thing came out in. Even if it did work perfectly, it would've been more standard AC stuff. And as fantastic as AC 4 and its naval combat was, I just wish they had a different hook this time around. Just more of your standard AC is not that interesting anymore. I lost interest in that stuff by AC Revelations. And Rogue, just like FC 4, is good, but exactly the same as the prequel. Especially a problem in Rogue's case, cause unlike FC 4, it's only been an year since AC 4.

And Stick of Truth, Child of Light - I'll admit - they both look pretty neat. Not my type of games, to be honest - but the people who are into those genres seem to love them both.

I guess I feel that way about Ubi mainly because of how tone-deaf their PR is. It's unbelievable just how dumb they think their audience is. Add disappointing games to that, and it's not hard to see why people's opinions of the company have sank so low.

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Ubisoft might just be the new EA. Hell, at least EA releases good games now and then. Ubi seems to have a terrible track record this year. And their PR is fucking atrocious. Like, how do those guys still have their jobs?

Every Ubi game released in 2014 has been bad / mediocre as hell. Except for Far Cry 4, which is pretty good, but is basically Far Cry 3. They really need to do something good for next year.

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I kinda agree, just a little bit. More variety will definitely be appreciated. Jeff and Drew, for example, is kinda rare.

However, considering how fresh Dan still feels, I don't mind the guy on more quick looks. In fact, I love having him around. He's a lot less cynical than the others (sort of like Drew), and that's feels refreshing even though he has been here for more than a few months already.

And to be a bit off-topic, will there be a quick look for Never Alone? I want to see more about that game. Looks pretty damn interesting based on what I've seen so far.

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Considering how I fundamentally hate how GTA Online plays, with everything from it's mission design, controls that get in the way (well, controls on foot anyway. Not a big fan of the driving either but that's more of a preference thing on that then me feeling like it's clunky), and other myriad of problems that get in the way of me enjoying it. Playing GTA Online feels like a fucking chore to me and one of the things that made me more tolerant of it's other problems was the heists coming.

I'll give Rockstar due for wanting to take time to get it right, but considering how half baked I feel everything else is in online, it doesn't even matter to me now if Heists are great. I just feel too burned on the online itself. It's one of the few cases where I felt it took too long, the thought of playing anymore online leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The single player was/is great, but not enough where I feel good at giving them another sixty dollars.

Same here. Only difference, however, is that I think the single player mode also sucks for the same reasons (controls, mission design, mechanics, etc).

And I wish I liked the heists as much as most people did. But it's the same old bullshit that GTA does - go to this specific car, drive a specific route, buy a specific item from one guy, tail a certain distance behind a guy, and so on. For a so-called "open-world" game, the gameplay couldn't possibly be more linear.

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I kinda don't care. Have been skipping GOTY stuff for the past couple years and it won't be different this time.

Honestly, if it was just a "hey, here are 10 games in no particular order that were great. Check them out!", that would be perfectly fine. However, putting them into an ordered list makes zero sense to me. And the stupid arguments born out of it are even dumber.

As for the other categories, it just doesn't seem to matter. Why would I, as a consumer, care if a game is declared to be the worst / most disappointing / don't do this, game industry (or whatever that category is)? I already know your opinions on said games from the podcasts. Re-hearing a negative opinion does nothing for me.

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Ugh. How the hell did people let this happen?

And no, I don't support gamergate, and I do realize that sexism in the industry is a problem and needs to be talked about. However, I really don't think she's the person to do it.