Viva PInata

Probably because i never really got into the game, didn't give it any decent time but that's the games fault for not enticing me to play it.



Blu-ray has got to be one of the dopest inventions ever, it  makes movie so much better especially when it's topped of with surround sound. Buying that PS3 has got to be one of the smartest things my brain has given birth to. With Christmas coming i have got Batman: Dark Knight and Wanted coming, plus i just purchased Kill Bill vol.1 and 2 plus i got Superman II for free, how dope is that.



Can be great and it is great specially the space stage my only gripe is ofcourse my planets being attacked while im over at the other side of the galaxy.



Where the fuck is reptile, he is one of the original characters and one of th best.



Have to kick off with awesome action film, from the fact that theres an assasins guild to the outragous car flipping and bullet curving action. James mackavoy plays the role well from a boring accountant to a trained train riding bullet curving assasin. Jolie is her usual self you know the sexy seductive strong women who doesnt take shit from nobody and Don Won Morgan Freeman who runs that shit, being incharge of the assasins guild i mean.

If you loved the Matrix and Sin City you will definatley wanna see this movie, from its impressive CGI to it's solid acting performances. Not only does it have great action scenes throughout the movie, it has some great humerous parts put into those heart stopping action scenes that just add that little something to the this already stella film. its a must see for this year and if you dont see it while in the movies i advice goin out and either renting or buying i suggest buying. Well if you still aint too interseted in it watch this.


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