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Christians like this give other Christians a bad name, namely being so incredibly butthurt about any seemly negative reference to their religion, yet have no problem with criticizing everything else just as much as those who offend them.

Christians like who? If you read the blog, as well as my comments, I have not criticized anyone nor have I said I was "butthurt" by anything. I was merely recognizing how some content in media can be construed as offensive, and how Christians should really be educating themselves rather than immediately taking offense and using more religion to defend their argument.

This is also why I am not going to touch on a lot of topics that most of these comments have made, as they are mostly attacks instead of addressing any points I have actually made in my blog.

Also: It's a blog. I didn't even proofread it.

Yeah, I'll be making posts later with some real content, but this was really a primer to get my mind going. There wasn't much said and a lot I could have said, and I expected a lot of flak from posting anything about Christianity, but that is what is in my heart. I'm not going to curb my writing for fear of getting crap thrown at me.

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I'm only going to address one thing here, and slightly touch another, which seems to be a lot of people's gripes.

1) The title: it was suggestive. Did I make you think one thing? Probably. Did the post contain something completely different? I think so.

I also think it got you to read it. Which was pretty much the point.

2) "America was built..." - this can be debated until we're all blue in the face. And since I would clearly be debating with a plethora of people who disagree, as well as the fact that I'm not a history major, I'm not gonna even go into it.


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just got a tablet, first game I got. then bad piggies. then a million tower defense clones.


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15 games mentioned, 8 of which hinge on the mario name. and thats not counting the yoshi, donkey kong, and wario games. nintendo, please. step outside your comfort zone.

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I have a Windows Phone 7. A part of me really wanted the HTML 5 videos to work better on there, but when I realized they didn't, it's not like I was going to stop paying for my subscription. I'm happy to support Giant Bomb. I love this site <3

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I feel all my picks have been mentioned, but just to go ahead and drill them in - Link's Awakening, Pokemon (TCG, RBY), Wario Land, anything Kirby, Metroid 2. Any other games I played I feel are just good for nostalgias sake - these, however, have stood up to the test of time.

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@Ghostiet: bummer in a half shell.

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@Little_Socrates: this isnt the bombcast forum?

im wondering where the shirt is on the site. newest bombcast said they sold a butt ton but i dont see it.

i think its pretty funny. as they mentioned themselves in the bombcast, 'fuck ryan davis' is more of an elitist sort of shirt, where you have to know who it is and what giant bomb is about to actually get the joke, whereas 'china dont care' can be contextualized really into any situation. forced, maybe. funny, yes.

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