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@virtualpolecat: Naw i already looked up that game and it wasn't it i think that game only game out on the playstation

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Ive been trying to figure out the name of a soccer game that i would always play at my local CiCi Pizzas for some time. All i know about it is that it was an arcade cabinet wasn't ever to sure if it was a console game and all the teams had super moves. The only one super shot i can recall was a rainbow shot and its been 8-10 years since i had discovered this game. I think it might have been a neo geo cabinet but uncertain and in my mind the players looked like they came from the super doge ball advanced games. Any info would really help and would be grateful because this has been bugging me for years.

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Add me fc is 2277-6662-0226 Hope its not to late

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@JJWeatherman kool that was pretty helpful think I know which one I might get but seeing what my budget can handle lol
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@envane: thanks for the heads up on the motherboard ill look more into it yea dont know to much about these kinds of things but trying to learn. I know i can post on the tested forums but this is my main site and i know there are some here that know there stuff lol

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@envane: thanks for the info i was up all night and i think i figured out what i want.

@JJWeatherman: yea i saw some of those videos they did on tested thats what pretty much made me what to build one.

Thats what i have so far the only thing i dont know what to get is what kind of power supply to power everything.

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I need help with building my first PC, I know some things about computers but not much. I really wanna build one soon and am greatfull for any help and usefull information. My budget that i wanna stay around is about $1,000 and know that i want an SSD for now and gonna get a HDD for extra storage a little later on when i get more money. I also know i want the Intel core i5-370 and Ram and an optical drive aren't a problem. This is where my little knowledge about PC's comes in. I dont know what kind of motherboard to get or what video card i should get. I want to be able to play most games on high settings maybe like far cry 3, borderlands 2 and other games similar. I dont know the difference between Nvidia and AMD video cards. Same with motherboards not sure which one to get, a guy from work said Asus is the way to go but other than that im not sure which one and as for the case i want something within the budget and that will fit everything.

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Yea trading with someone through friend codes is your best bet. I wanna do the same but doesnt know anyone who has the orignal let alone plays pokemon ha.

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Im stuck right after you beat General Knoxx and had went to the armory but i ended up dying inside so when i went back the door was close and no way of getting back inside to finish the mission. Anyone know if this has been fix or can anyone help out beacuse ive been suck on that part for a while and really wanna finish everything before next week. Im playing on the xbox so id apericate if anyone can help.

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@Marz yea mostly looking mainly for xbox and to work with my ps3 also