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Get a two handed warrior. Unlock Mighty Blow. Unlock Whirlwind. Spin to win.

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@sterling: Mystery solved! I luckily figured that out myself rather early. I would be a bit frustrated if I was like some of the people here, 12+ hours in the game, and didn't have a clue how to do the upgrades. They obviously aren't critical to success, but I have a few on my different characters that are very helpful.

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I am actually moving from AMD to Nvidia with a 970. My current system has lasted me nearly 5 years, but driver support from AMD has been a pain point from day one.

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@czarpyotr: I'm 7 hours in so far, no explanation at all...but that probably because I'm just wondering about in the hinterlands closing rifts, fetching potions and running away from a nasty dragon. Might need to FAQ it sooner or later to understand the upgrading system....Ratchet's one of my favorite game characters and the avatar is from Deadlocked...though not quite sure why that game was ill received. I loved it to bits.

You have to upgrade your gear at the blacksmith in Haven. There's an upgrade armor and an upgrade weapons kiosk.

Yup, this is it. So far it seems this is only explained if you go to the blacksmith and talk to him. There is a specific dialogue options about upgrading equipment, but even that doesn't straight up say, "Yo, you can only add your fancy weapon upgrades here, not on the field".

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Dwarf named Hurley. I just realized I made him look a lot like Russel Crow in Noah. I can't say that disappoints me.

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Limbo is really great, but seems like a really weird game to bring to current gen consoles. I think Limbo got the attention it originally did because it was in the first wave of great indie XBLA games. I imagine anyone who has wanted to play this game already has.

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So the way they thought of this was for Multiplayer LAN blood donation events. So instead of taking that actually decent idea and making it simple by saying having rules in place for the losing players having to give blood based on their performace, they went the literal approach and made a fucking machine to draw blood based on how much you are hurt in game. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

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Well folks, I know that the anticipation has been killing you all. I am proud to announce I went with Dragon Age. I made myself a dwarf named Hurley and am ridding the world of all of it's evils.

Since I got a free copy of Far Cry 4 with my new video card that will most likely be the first game I play on my new PC. I still plan on getting GTA 5 eventually, maybe for christmas?!

Thank you all for aiding me in this great decision, I couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you.

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Game changer, folks. I recently bought a gtx 970 for my new PC. Got an email this morning for a free copy of a game. I got to choose between the crew, ass creed unity, or far cry. Easy choice. I will be picking up GTA 5 or Dragon Age within 4 and a half hours! Keep those votes coming!