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If they didn't already do Tales From the Borderlands I would have totally picked that.

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Podcacts first then the video. I can't imagine doing it the other way around. That's basically like reading spoilers first and then going back to watch the movie/show.

I don't really give a shit about who actually wins. I love seeing the videos they make, so I always watch that stuff first. I will read the articles if I want more info, but I usually pass on them. Then when I am playing a game that allows it or if I have a drive ahead of me I'll listen to the podcast. Seeing who wins isn't the interesting part, it's seeing how they get to their decision.

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@slag said:

I like the fact Brad has his opinions, groupthink is boring. There's far too much uniformity in opinion between the staff as it is.

I will say he could do a better job articulating his reasoning on some of passion projects, I didn't find his Skyrim argument convincing at all (in fact it made me convinced Saints Row the Third was the real GotY 2011), but at least he has his own mind about what he likes.

Fwiw I've been asking around to some of my friends who game a lot less than I do (1-3 titles per year) and it's been interesting to hear about Destiny from a more, for lack of a better adjective, "casual" gamers perspective. They almost all universally not just like Destiny but actually love it.

A lot of the concepts in Destiny are pretty new to more casual gamers. My brother who plays a decent amount of games, but not a ton, is straight up addicted to Destiny. I thought he would finish the story, maybe get to level 20, and call it. But he is approaching level further, higher then me, and has done more of the content then me(like the vault of glass raid, some night falls).

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Glad to be done with AMD with the 970. It is nice to game without having my secondary display get garbled. It is nice to have the graphic card control panel launch more than 5% of the time without crashing.

This. I just got a 970 after 5 years with an AMD card. It worked great at first, but the driver support was always behind Nvidia and there was ALWAYS little issues that I could never fix.

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I love the posts of people saying they are out when all digital happens. It's already happening. It will be standard next time around.

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Seems to totally disregard how atrocious it is whilst saying and agreeing with Jeff about how its terrible. Quite a feat.

I really love destiny, but completely agree with most of the criticisms of the game. He isn't disregarding how atrocious the game is, he just doesn't think it is. You can admit a game has flaws and still like it.

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69, dude!

Seriously though, this video is pretty good. I could probably listen to your Dad talk all day.

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I assumed it wasn't dropping until late 2015. If it came out this early I would be pretty fucking happy.

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I just don't see how they can possibly make great versions of space combat, ground combat, and everything else that they are promising. I feel it would of been better to focus on one part and release it when it was good. After that then implement your other stuff.

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@ssully: Why? He spoke no ill will of, or towards, the site or its community. I am a fan of both Giant Bomb's and Jaffe.

I am not saying you posted this to cause shit or for any other bad reason, it just doesn't seem right to me. I would be pretty disappointed if a friend asked my opinion about someone and then find out they disclosed the whole conversation to that person a day later.

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@ssully said:


I'm dying. You're killing me.

Because I used a dated version of a word? I commonly mix the two up and I don't think I am the only person who has done it. You might just be messing around, but you honestly just came off as a huge asshole.