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No Noob is No Sale for me. He was my main man.

I bet the new -ality is Tagalities. I would like to see Friendship make a return.

Maybe it's because I am a pretty casual fighting game player, but I don't get this mentality? Surely you play the game for more then just one character? Noob was easily one of my favorite characters in MK9, but MKX is an automatic buy for me no matter if he is in the game or not.

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So is it a reddit thing where people just have long chains of really shitty puns? I noticed this happens here sometimes and it happens on almost every single comment section for an article at the AV Club. I don't go to reddit for anything except AMA's, so I wouldn't know. I personally just hate it because it completely fucks up any real discussion going on.

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If you're interviewing for a specific position like a java programmer or something, studying a bit won't hurt.

Also this is good advice:

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They don't expect you to know everything; they're looking for how you think.

That's actually the best advice. If they hit you with a problem you don't know then try your best to work it out. Speak your thought process out loud and use the white board. Even if you get it wrong or don't finish it shows them how you work.

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I am looking forward to the game simply because it looks to be a solid, linear, single player experience. It's getting a bit tiresome having every game come out have to be a big open world game with a 30+ hour campaign, coop, and multiplayer. It's good for people who want the biggest bang for their buck, but shitty for people like me without much time.

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God, I hate all this "prepare for an interview" thing. I know, it's nice to know more or less what to expect from it, but the whole "do this, don't do that" makes me sick. Just try not to be too nervous and be honest.

That's easy to say for a lot of jobs, but technical interviews are a different beast. I see you mentioned in another post that you had to do one for a math job you currently have, but that doesn't cover all the basis. A lot of the big tech companies, like Facebook, are notorious for having brutal tech interviews. I have done a few and they range from piece of cake to "holy shit why didn't I practice more?!". Tech interviews are knowledge based, but a lot of places are really good about throwing really obscure bullshit concepts at you that you might not of touched in years. It sucks.

Anyways to @starfoxa I would get a copy of the book Cracking the Coding Interview. It is one of the best technical interview books I have read so far. Lots of great examples and it breaks down topics that could be covered really well. Also check out this site: I have done a bunch of the questions there and think its pretty decent. Not nearly as comprehensive as the book I suggested, but it makes for a decent refresher.

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Since GB is under CBS now, stuff like this makes me wonder and concerns me about the future of GB. Any one know? How much control do the GB folks have in terms of their destiny?

Giantbomb has a few things going for them over other gaming sites.

  • They are a small/lean group. Because of this they do not cost nearly as much to support as the bigger sites.
  • CBS is much more stable parent company then AOL. AOL has been a zombie of a company for years now.
  • Giantbomb offsets some of their cost by having a successful subscription model. This is something a lot of sites have a lot of trouble implementing. I
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Where did hitman go? Did the illuminati get him?

He has been gone for awhile. I thought he got banned?

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I dislike wrestling but I love hearing them talk about it.

I know almost nothing about wrestling and don't give a shit about it at all and I do not mind it being talked about on the site at all. If people are passionate/really into something then it's usually pretty interesting to hear about them talk about that thing, unless of course that thing they are talking about is incredibly offensive.

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@ssully: I think you're letting Rockstar get away with unnecessary bullshit that muddies the integrity of the series. I watched all the tweaks happen to make the microtransactions an appealing alternative and they absolutely made the online portion worse. I watched it happen. Payouts dropped and prices increased.

They made a billion dollars in a week on this game and they're still nickle and diming their audience. It's shameful game design.

It's more I just don't really care for the game's multiplayer. I got more then I payed for from the single player alone, so personally I see no reason wrong with the microtransactions. Does the stuff you pay for actually affect the actual game? I thought people just free roam and mess around in the multiplayer? Does it really matter if someone paid money and has a better car then you? I am actually curious because I don't exactly get the draw of the multiplayer.

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This game was too good to be made today, now it would be focus tested to death and sliced up 30 ways before going on sale.


I don't really understand why you think this. To my knowledge GTA V didn't have much of any DLC. I think there was some blimp stuff for ps3?

They haven't done straight DLC type DLC. They've done microtransaction DLC. Every 5 or 6 weeks there will be a new update to GTA Online that will include new weapons, clothes, vehicles, houses, etc. You can buy it all with your GTA Online bucks, but at close to a million bucks for a vehicle it'd take a lot of grinding. Many people buy the credit card packs, so that million dollar car will set you back roughly $18, and that's before you buy any mods for it.

That seems incredibly reasonable to me. The person I was quoting was relating GTA to the shitty DLC trends where the devs seem to cut out content of the base game and sell it later. I just think it's silly for people to keep using GTA as an example of poor DLC practices in this thread because Rockstar usually handles that stuff really well.

Sounds like diarrhea in an otherwise immaculate game to me. $18 for a single car? That's the opposite of reasonable. Rockstar is better than that. It's the most disgraceful thing that company has ever done. GTA V has horrible microtransactions that the entire online game was tailored around. Total bullshit. The icing on the cake is how hypocritical it makes them look when you compare it to the messages that they trumpet in the single player campaign.

I think you are blowing it out of proportion to be honest. For 60 dollars the single player alone is more then worth the money. The multiplayer is icing on the cake and you do not have to engage with the microtransactions. I am not a huge fan of the multiplayer but I did play it for a few hours and have my share of fun without even looking at how to buy shit with real money.