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I am really enjoying it so far. Some random thoughts:

The difficulty seems to have been scaled down a little from the Alpha, enemies are much less bullet spongy. Biggest example I noticed was the first wizard encounter took about 2 minutes to actually take out the wizard. This time it took about 30 seconds ones I cleared out his minions.

It also seems like they lowered how long it takes to fill up your "ult" meter. This is great because it felt like it took way to long in the alpha.

I still think the magnum is really lame to have as a primary; it would be much better suited as a sidearm. It just doesn't do enough damage for the amount of shots you get and the reload time is way too long.

Chest placement seems real weird. In borderlands you have chests everywhere; if you follow the main path you are almost always guaranteed to hit a few in a level. If you go off the path and look you are sure to find more. In this game it seems really scattered and inconsistent. I kind of stopped looking through rooms that I clear since you don't actively pick up loot and chests are so few and far between. I keep having this feeling in the back of my mind that I am missing stuff as I am progressing. Maybe I am just ruined by games like borderlands and diablo 3 where you are getting loot and opening chests pretty regularly.

I love the unique jumps between the 3 classes. Each class has such great maneuverability and in such different ways.

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You know, guys, this is why I love this community so much. Here are my two extra North American (NA) codes. Enjoy Also, friend me on PSN and lets get a firing team together PSN Name is Winterfist. This is for PS4



I grabbed the one that is struck through. Thanks a bunch, duder!

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If people have to ask, then it probably isn't the generation defining game. People should just look at it and go "Yes, that game was" without the need for persuasive reasoning

That's not true at all. There is rarely if ever a unanimous opinion on a book/movie/game being good. I can start a thread similar to this except with Half Life or Half Life 2, games that arguably revolutionized story telling in video games, and find plenty of people who will say they hate the game or think I am a complete idiot.

Also The Last of Us is a generation defining game.

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This is so weird... I don't follow baseball, but just the idea of of a MLB player streaming is just bizarre to me.

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He should join Alex and Patrick on Bombing in the Am. It's already a really solid show. Throwing him in the mix will make it even better.

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@jimipeppr said:

@clonedzero said:

I completely disagree with you and dont feel like explaining now.

Different people feel differently about different things.

Check yourself before you "wrickity wreck yourself"

No, you don't completely disagree with me. The thesis of my post is literally "it's a matter of perspective."

If you really believe that then why are you even making this post? Either make a definitive stance or don't even bother, because being a wet noodle about it contributes nothing.

@beachthunder said it best. Some things in books/movies/games are meant to be a surprise. If you know that, then be considerate of others.

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I love how you didn't even try with this copy and paste job.

Also represent Mindy Project, mother fuckers!

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I dont really understand the Rainbow Six comparison outside of "ITS TACTICAL!!!!". The games aren't really similar, especially if you are talking about the most recently announced one.

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I just remember my character constantly saying, "Cool story, Bro!". It is so stupid.