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Idea for the dumb Destiny app, let you purchase items from vendors.

Not sure why we can't. They let you click on shit and get details, just add a damn buy button!

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Also, Spy Party has been in development for several millennia at this point, with no release date in sight.

Maybe I didn't see that much of Spy Party, but it didn't seem like a very substantial game. It looked like it would be fun for an hour here or there.

Also wasn't it an "early access" game? Like people actually have playable portions of that game right now?

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@ssully: Right, and I think most people agree with you that exploits should get patched. But as a lot of people in this thread have mentioned, and I absolutely agree, Bungie should be looking at why people are sitting there shooting at the same 7 enemies over and over instead of enjoying the content they've crafted. From there they could make their content something that people want to do, and then think about nerfing the cave.

In my opinion it's an exploit, it should go away, but not before you figure out what is wrong with your game.

But they do. One of the first points on their list is the cryptarch being unpredictable/unfair. Maybe I am in the minority, but my complaints with Destiny boil down to this:

  • Cryptarch giving me shit not related to my class/lower tier(ex: getting a blue for a purple engram) gear then the engram.
  • Story being paper thin. I was bummed about the missions at first, but on higher difficulty the missions are actually incredibly fun. I just wish the story was better.
  • Weird discrepancy of match making. I wish I could choose to match make for any mission. Sometimes I don't have friends on but want to do a higher difficulty queen/story mission but have no one to play with. They should give me an option to play with rando's.

Outside of that I am loving the game.

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Did Gearbox ever fix the exploit in Borderlands 2 where you could get stuck in the air and use the Leviathan's bounding box to get into the treasure vault over and over again? Because pulling the one decent source of loot in a loot driven game just seems out of touch. Have a little faith that people will stick around to actually play and enjoy your content, Bungie.

I don't understand logic like this and I have seen it more then here. That borderlands exploit and the "treasure cave" are exploits. They are a loop hole in the game that wasn't originally meant to be there. If I was Bungie I would have patched it as well. People had fun while it lasted, but I wouldn't want to encourage the people playing my game to just shoot into a cave for loot instead of playing the actual content.

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This company is ridiculous.

Can anyone think of another company that has scrapped more years of work accumulated across multiple titles?

I feel like companies like blizzard and bungie and valve who just made fucking buckets on previous titles and services probably get 20 percent of the work done in a day that any other developer does. I mean good on them i guess but jesus it would be nice if they released some full games from time to time.

All the developers you listed have some of the most popular games running right now: Destiny, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft(still after all these years), Hearthstone, Dota 2, Counter Strike: GO. I excluded StarCraft 2 because I am not sure how well the community sustained post HoTs release.

It doesn't matter how many titles any of the devs you listed scrap. Nearly every game they eventually do put out has a huge following and sells through the roof.

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Good move. I am glad they don't put shit out unless they think its good.

Now go turn out another Diablo 3 expansion!

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Can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am Jeff. Just know that you are loved by a lot of people. I know you have countless friends and family who are there for you, but also know the whole giantbomb community is here for you as well.

The only comfort I ever got during times of loss like this is that I will always have my memories of them. What's gone will never come back, but it exists when you think of it.

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Body Harvest! I knew no one else who owned this game when I was a kid. I fucking loved it.

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For the record I will say I was incredibly impressed with the game when I first played it. The graphics were great at the time and I honestly never played anything like it. Then I finished it.

It's not a good game. It can be entertaining for a first play through, but as you detailed, the game has some serious issues. My biggest draw to the game was the promise of "ANY OF THE CHARACTERS CAN DIE AND THE STORY WILL CHANGE!!!!". It's true. The FBI asshole totally died for me. He didn't die for my friend. We acknowledged this when it ended and were kind of impressed, but in the end it doesn't really mean shit. I am never going to play through the game again to see how much the story "changed". For the record, I am confident not much is different.

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EDIT: Check this out:

I have had good experiences from getting buying advice from wirecutter. I don't always go with exactly what they say, but they always give REALLY detailed information on different devices. My dumb advice might still be helpful, but they will say what I did but better.

What do you use to watch videos? Are you trying to stream stuff from your PC(ripped movies, etc)? Or are you talking things like netflix, hbo go, amazon, etc?

If you are just streaming stuff from netflix, amazon, hbo go then I would go with a chrome cast. Stupid simple to use; I have never had any issues with it.

If you like to rent movies from iTunes or are heavily invested in Apple's products then an apple tv might be a better choice for you. I know it offers stuff like photostream and being able to throw stuff from your ipad to the apple tv(I think????). So that could be good.

If you are looking into more of home streaming from your PC then a Roku would be best.