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Barristan Selmy is a goddamn boss.

Don't forget Greyworm.

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I really enjoyed it.

I am not going to give a play by play, but I wanted to point out how big of a deal it was to protect the civilians. This is rarely a concern in super hero movies(despite the point of being a super hero is to protect people).

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I say both! You don't need to play the games to watch the series, but the games are really great. So you should play them.

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I keep waiting for Jack Nicholson to do a Joker cameo in one of these Batman movies.

Boring. I am waiting for Jim Carey as the Riddler or Arnold as Mr.Freeze.

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You will never see a crash like the previous one again. AAA games can go down the tube, but gaming in general will continue. It's just way to easy to create and sell games on the internet.

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I just started playing Skyrim again. Built a new PC November of last year and wanted to see the game maxed out(and bought the DLC on sale). I am playing all stealth, emphasis on bow & arrow + dagger. I have no trouble while stealthing, but when my cover is blown I can barley fight more then 2 people at once. Last time I played I was a heavy armor guy + sword and shield and rarely remember having trouble with guys.

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don't see why they couldn't skype a call every now and then to the main podcast, though i guess there are problems that can arise like connection loss and voice quality

Those kind of issue's would come up a bit on Bombing in the AM and the audio quality wasn't super great. It was acceptable since that show was smaller; I dont think it would be as tolerated on the Bombcast.

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I am up for a 3D platformer, but I really hope they try and do something new with it. Grow Home was cool because it felt like a perfect mix between new and old game concepts. This just looks like a modern n64 game, which is kind of boring.

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Yes. I really miss bombing in the AM. A similar show, maybe once a week, with Vinny and Alex would be fantastic.

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I watched the first few episodes, but eventually fell off. I plan to watch them all soon.

I stayed away from the game completely until the first part was released. Played it and loved it. I am downloading the second part now and most likely will replay the whole thing. Looking forward to it.