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Cool seeing this on the front page. I try my best to check out the community showcase, but always forget to check it. This will make it much easier.

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@billsk8: The biggest difference that makes Xenoblade exclusive to the new one is that it has a more powerful CPU. It's still a bullshit half-assed new system, but its still a new system.

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Never personally mugged.

When I was 13 a group of friends and I were riding our bikes to get hot dogs. We were eating outside and this group of kids sat across from us just acting casual and looking at us. We finished up and headed towards the park. On the way there one of our friends shouted those kids are right behind us(one driving a bike, the other riding pegs on the back). The one of the back jumps of the bike and picks my friend up off his bike(we are all between 11-13, the kid was probably 16-17), throws him off and rides off with the bike. There was more of us and one of my biggest regrets is not turning around and trying to help. Instead I ran to get help at the park. Everyone I talked to just stared at me and shrugged their shoulders. Finally someone gave me their phone to call the police.

A few years ago my house was broken into. No one was home except my dog. Luckily he isn't an aggressive dog so they just locked him in a room. The completely cleaned out my room (ps3, tv, money, etc), and my mom's jewelry and some other expensive items. They tried prying open 3 different windows and failed. Eventually they just gave up and bashed in my back door. Despite not being there it was really traumatizing. The damage they did to the house and the sight of my room being ransacked sticks with me to this day. I constantly check at night that my windows and doors are locked.

I also have had two guns flashed/pointed at me while walking in my neighborhood. Once with a group of friends and another while walking my dog. I rarely walk my dog around my neighborhood now because of the latest incident.

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No... stoicism is not dead. I give him a big hug when I see him. Saying things in words discounts them, see Wittgenstein. This neediness to express things in words is very much trendy nowadays.

You have a fair point that is covered in a pompous condescending tone. You sound like a real fun person.

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I really like it. I think they are still finding a balance between tangents and actual advice, but I have enjoyed all the episodes so far.

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@theblue said:

Perhaps a spoiler tag in the thread title might be apt for those that want to go in totally blind?

If you want to go in totally blind then you shouldn't be reading threads about the game

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@fattony12000: Wow that made me laugh way more then it should have.

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This is my first and only city. I thought I was going to play this one to learn the ropes and move onto another one, but I just kept going. Currently sitting close to 80-90,000 people and 8 million dollars in the bank(haven't had a negative income since I started the game).

I am actually a little surprised by people saying that you can't focus on industry after having educated people. I am currently running all forms of industry except mining and forestry. I have an oil drilling section, agriculture, and regular ass industry all going with a high educated city. The only issue I had was for agriculture. People just wouldn't work there. So I built a small neighborhood by my farms and intentionally left out schools by it to keep those fuckers dumb and from getting any smart ideas about moving to the big city.

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I've heard the idea of getting into a souls game early echoed a lot lately. I just don't get it. If you want a fresh experience then don't go message boards for the games. I went into Demon Souls months after it came out and never touched a message board for the game. I am sure my experience was a pure as someone who got the game day 1. I intend on doing the same thing for Bloodborne.

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I got 3 keys left. According to TheMasterDS they don't want us posting these publicly. Send me a PM if you want a key.