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@mooseymcman: It was listed on PSN briefly as $60. Also people really liked this for some reason so if they're dumb enough to fall for that, they're dumb enough to pay full price for this.

This version should at least not be eye-scarring when not in a cutscene. Too bad it's still pretty much just Manhunt 3.

@comradecrash: Watching is the way to go. It's a great movie.

I will gladly pay $60 dollars for this. Beat the singleplayer and played a bunch of the multiplayer. I hope it pains you that someone would do something you think is dumb.

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Journey. I cannot name a game that with such great pacing, use of music, or with an emotional build up as perfect as Journey. The game is a master piece through and through.

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@spraynardtatum said:

I haven't because it still isn't available in the US.

Anyone know what is taking so long? It's been 4 months.

I would say that they are holding it back to put it on PS Plus, but it's a free to play game. I have no fucking clue what's taking so long.

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It's one thing to acknowledge that these things take hell of large amounts of time, but they should at least be honest about what they're making. We all know it's Fallout, and they should just admit it and give a relative time scale. If the game's not going to be out for three years, they should tell us that.

Actually no. They shouldn't tell us shit, because they are not obligated to do anything. They should reveal the game when they think its right, and release it when they think it's right. If you like what they are pitching, then you can pay for it when you are able to. That's it.

I don't understand where this mindset that company's or artists owe the people who buy their products something. We don't deserve to know anything. Maybe it's something that has come from kickstarter, or maybe it's just a younger generation getting it's voice. Either way its fucking stupid.

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Short answer: Kane & Lynch was a fan-fucking-tastic concept with rich, complex villain protagonists that allowed Io Interactive to sink their teeth into the kind of narratives the studio (if not just the creative leads) thoroughly enjoys; gritty, ugly, sometimes disturbing character studies.

Freedom Fighters was cool because it was Red Dawn as a video game. There was nothing all together memorable about it aside from that.

What you say is pretty true, but the thing that made Freedom Fighers cool was growing/commanding your squad, and the way your choice of attack(attack heliport, or raid ammo depot) actually changed the future missions. Not many games gave such tangible changes like that and many still don't. Sure the shooting kind of sucked and the AI was pretty awful, but it was really fun.

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Man I can't believe these fools, they are all giving you bad advice. You practically answered your own question there. You said you are both in the same sociology class. Walk up to her after class and you grab that woman by the hip and ask her to come over for a little sociology study after hours. She'll get the message. But it doesn't stop there. You need to break out the glasses and fix her a nice drink, I'm talking lemon wedges, hand crushed coco and ice cubes made from a local glacier. Shes going to need to cool off and quench her thirst after you get all hot and sweaty. Yeah that's right, break out that Wii and play some tennis or maybe a little Mario kart. You need to let her win though, but make it close. This will probably work up an appetite so give her some of your fresh Italian salami. As you slice it up over a hand thrown, home made, brick fired pizza. Bitch, it ain't Digiorno, this is a family secret recipe handed down from your (insert any number of greats)aunt from the old country. She'll be so impressed she'll be dying to know how to make it. After that tell her you'll show her how you make that special sauce, as you take her by the hand into your bed room. Where you will fuck.

Pretty sure this is the best first post on this site.

"Bitch, it ain't Digiorno"

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@humanity said:

Excellent piece of DLC that apparently no one has played. Maybe because shortly after Infinite came out everyone decided it's a bullshit game all of a sudden for some weird reason.

I haven't touched it because:

  • It came out much later after the original game
  • I have uninstalled the infinite already, and kind of dread redownloading it
  • So many other games to play

I would like to play it eventually because I really did enjoy Infinite

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Where is the $50,000 tier where you will fly me out to meet the leader of Kite Co, have lunch, and then let me print some t-shirts? This campaign is bullshit

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I bailed after Trinity. I started the season following it, but gave up about 4 or 5 episodes in. It became clear that the show was following the same tired paths and wasnt going anywhere fast enough.