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one more: vinny and alex in sppppaaaacccceee

This might be my favorite. You really captured Alex's fear of space.

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Where is the fuck sonic option?

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I love that that MS Paint thread is still rolling.

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There are a lot of different ways of applying programming, some will required more knowledge in math, others won't. I also have never been great at math, but I managed to get a Computer Science degree and a good paying job. My lack of math skills did make getting my degree much harder. I really had to put in extra time for certain classes, but I stuck with it and got through it. If this is something you really want to do, then go for it. You will be fine as long we you commit yourself.

@gamefreak9 There is a lot of math in video game programming. Depending on the kind of games you make the difficulty in math will vary, but they all involve some math.

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It's pretty established at this point that Ramsey is a piece of trash.

Exactly. We know that Ramsey is a dick. We know that Theon is an absolutely broken man. We know that Sansa has been stripped of any agency she could have ever had. Why did the point need to be driven home again? Why is it a bad thing to hope for your expectations to be subverted? Why is it a bad thing to be a little annoyed that a rape scene wasn't considered to be shocking enough without a dude standing there, looking horrified, to drive the point home? Why shouldn't I expect more from the media I consume.

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I think it was used poorly.

I think Theon was there as an audience surrogate. I don't think he added anymore shock to the scene. If anything I think he place a small seed of hope for the audience. I don't know about you, but I was REALLY hoping he would FINALLY muster up the courage and give Ramsey what he deserves. But instead he once again failed to do the right thing and the camera rested on his face that expressed the horror both himself and I felt about the whole situation.

Also it's not a bad thing for your expectations to be subverted, or to expect more from the media you consume. But you haven't really explained why this scene was bad expect for the fact that it piled more shit on these characters who have already been shit on.

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Sansa is taken under Littlefingers wing, becomes more confident, shuts down Myranda. They're gonna have her use her new found confidence to manipulate Ramsey and stay out of danger right? Maybe she'll make him think she's as much of a monster as he is, maybe have Myranda killed for being a little snake. Maybe Reek is gonna remember who he is, help her in some way.

Oh, wait, no. Rape scene. Thanks GoT. Shock value >>>>>>>>> character development. Coolcoolcool.

Even if they let her get her grand revenge after this, I'm not sure if it'll be worth it. Bad episode.

What did you or any one expect to happen? It's pretty established at this point that Ramsey is a piece of trash. It's also been established that the wedding ceremonies literally go from get them married, and get them fucking. The marriage is literally not "official" until they fuck. That's why it was such a big deal Tywin was pressuring Tryrion last season into fucking Sansa and that Tyrion refused(Secretly). Ramsey is has a much less of a conscience then Tyrion.

Not sure if it was from the show or the book, but there was a description of one wedding tradition involving the wedding guests carrying the wife up to the bedroom(during which they literally are stripping her naked), and then after the bride and groom consummate the marriage the wedding guests parade around the bloody sheets around the banquet hall.

I am really curious how you have made it this far into the show and how you reacted to other events that happened. Really bad shit is constantly happening to people in GoT, especially people you like. What happened to Sansa doesn't negate any character development she has had, in fact it just adds another layer. Do you just think rape is bad and shouldn't be used as a plot device, or do you find that it was just used poorly?

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First off I am glad you are safe; that's a fucked up situation. Even if you don't live close to that restaurant, it can fuck with your sense of security.

Also I don't think people are saying the police of Waco are bad or did a bad job. People were reacting over images of police officers detaining groups of gang members it what appears to be a peaceful way. They see a big group of white gang members peacefully grouped up behind armed police officers and contrast that with the hundreds of images from the various riots across the US this year where black men, women, and protesters of all races are being beaten, pepper sprayed or have lots of guns pointed at them. It's just a quick reaction at images that don't tell the whole story. The image doesn't get across that police officers at that scene were shot at and also killed/wounded a number of the gang members who died that day while they(the police) were defending themselves. People are simply over reacting and are drawing a connection that isn't there. With that said though, I do understand where that reaction is coming from. There is a problem in our police system, especially when it comes to handling particular members of our society, but that problem is in no way related to what happened in Waco.

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The community spot light is going to have a hard time with all of this quality art from this thread.

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It was either respond to this stupid horrible thread, or work on my capstone presentation due tomorrow. I chose wisely.