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Does Microsoft even have Java developers?

The console ports were done in C++. They could use that code and make a new PC client.

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I don't think the poll really needed to be broken up that much. I picked I like it bc of the coop stuff, but I am enjoying the crucible and solo missions as well.

I totally get all the criticisms this game is getting, but I am still having a lot of fun with it.

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This sounds dumb but the new Wolfenstein actually has some pretty solid stealth. You certainly won't get a "full stealth" experience like you would from dishonored, but you can do a large majority of sections in the game in a stealthy manner that is incredibly satisfying.

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The problem with Destiny's story isn't that there's very little of it, it's that what is there is not very good. Sure, Minecraft has no story, but nobody expected it to and Notch never tried to give it one. Same with Call of Duty and Battlefield - their developers don't really try to give them a story, they just toss you into an arena and let you do your objectives. Destiny tries to give players a story and most players don't seem to think very highly of it.

You sound like you're stretching arguments to validate your opinion against Jeff's.

For the record Call of Duty and Battlefield both try REALLY hard to make good stories; they just do it in all the wrong ways.

On Topic: I have found all the reviews that I have read to have completely valid argument. With that said I am loving the game. The combat is great, the loot is enjoyable(though could be more diverse), and I absolutely adore the strike missions. I think Destiny has a lot of great ideas that they didn't fully bring together.

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The material on my left analog stick is starting to wear a bit, but outside of that everything is golden.

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Oh dear. I wish Paul McCartney would stop singing. He maybe was good at some point and there is no denying that the Beatles were important 40 years ago but please for the love of all that you hold dear do not let this man record music any more. Give it up Paul, its not as though you need the money and Bungie must have payed out big style for this to score credits that 75% of the players will never watch.

He was good and some would say he still is. I don't understand why he should stop making music. He obviously loves doing it and him making music certainly doesn't impose on you. I could understand having that kind of view if the music was offensive or incredibly bad, but his stuff has never gone below average in my opinion.

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Nope. Game's are so expansive now that different developers can strive to make any sort of unique experience.

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@mento said:

It's weird Drew never got one. Or the ComicVine guys, for that matter.

It's time to bring this back, with a twist: Giant Bomb Top Trumps. Stop buildin' a website, Dave Snider, and make us more cards.

Maybe I am misremebering but I honestly don't remember Drew getting as much attention until the CBS buyout. He always was around for the odd flight/racing QL, but I don't recall much else.

If anything I think it's a crime Rorie didn't get one; that mother fucker always killed it on Screened(RIP).

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@jasonr86: Did you read what he said? He talked about supporting the boom and retreating feminist stories frequently. Even if he didn't mention that saying there was a femninist boom isn't offensive in anyway.

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I am pretty excited for it.

I was bummed at first because of how limited the skill tree seemed. What redeemed it for me was the combat and the strike missions. The act of shooting dudes(the whole point of the game) is just super engaging and responsive. I shouldn't be surprised since it's Bungie, but I really loved how it felt.