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Someone at Taco Bell HQ is reading this thread with a nice big grin while surrounded by a big stack of cash

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@hailinel: If you are looking for a site that is going to analyze and discuss issues in games or the industry on a frequent basis then Giantbomb isnt the place. I think Giantbomb has a reputation of being a very laid back/hanging with buddies approach in terms of coverage. Any kind of analysis of themes or issues usually exclusively comes from Patrick. So yes you are right. Giantbomb misses a lot of stuff like that, but I think that simply because they don't really cover that stuff. Patrick has had a good motto throughout all of this which is, "We can always do better". And it's true. For giantbomb and for everyone involved. Do I expect Giantbomb to cover the things you talk about more? Not really. They are a small crew that has carved out a niche and provide a specific type of content to a specific kind of audience. But I do expect them to respond to future issues like GG quicker then they did recently.

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@badnews: I couldn't agree more. It's because of this I think it's smart that the crew and @rorie are periodically closing this thread. Although I have found it to be incredibly civil, it gives people a chance to just shut the fuck up and take a breather. Obviously it won't work for everyone, but it will for some. I know that sometimes the best way to resolve a conflict with my girlfriend is for both of us to just step away for a few minutes. People get so wrapped up in arguments sometimes that they loose sight of why it started in the first place, where they are now, and how shitty it can get if they don't stop.

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@rebel_scum: This blog post was about how to be hacker, not particularly about how to hack computer systems. A tongue-in-cheek post about the hacker-less-ness of hacking in video games.

Concerning SQL injections: they are not as easy to pull off anymore as most web development frameworks have built-in functions to combat them (using prepared SQL statements, for example), but if I recall correctly there was an article about a hack consisting of an SQL injection (and some other stuff) not too long ago and the general reaction was "that stuff still works?? lol someone is about to be fired"

Most exploits will never be 100% cleared up. There will always be that 1% that doesn't use a framework that provides protection against SQL injection, or a sever that still hasn't been patched to protect against heartbleed.

I will also throw in to anyone in the United States interested in learning more to possibly sign up for cyber aces. I am not sure the requirements or when their next run is, but they offer free online lessons on this stuff. It doesn't get incredibly deep, but it gives you a really good starting point.

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@badnews said:

I'm sure this has been said in some form or another but I was talking to a friend who supported this whole situation. He had reason after reason to push forward. He even pushed about how he was a feminist etc. etc. I just told him that he made a mistake like I made a long time ago. I use to support the terrible things 4chan did when i was young saying " They started it" and refocusing the blame. You have to convince yourself that you are on the right side, that you are the good guy because the alternative is so fucked up to know that you were on par with as a monster. And it's not to say those people are by default bad people. They are just scared to death that being wrong after the things they did or said means they have to face themselves. A lot of people can joke and say " Yeah, I'm a terrible person" But how often do you ever actually see a person actually mean it. I told my friend to just take his time and ask himself if he is really supporting a cause or did he get tricked into being the bad guy

tldr; They are bad people who don't know they are bad people.

Isn't that the majority of bad people? Most people who do bad shit have created a twisted logic that helps convince them that what they are doing is actually ok.

I think that everyone has been there at some point in their life, either in a big or small way. It's just a matter of if you had enough self reflection to realize what you are doing is actually kind of shitty.

I really hope that a lot of the people involved in this who have hurt others can have that moment of self reflection and realize what they did was pretty fucked up. That kind of realization is powerful for yourself and others around you.

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@justicejanitor said:

I just want them to stop insulting me and calling me a sexist nerd and perpetrating stereotypes because I enjoy video games. I had enough of that in high school.

What "gaming journalists" do you follow that actually do that? Seriously. Please provide links.

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@justicejanitor said:

I just want them to stop insulting me and calling me a sexist nerd and perpetrating stereotypes because I enjoy video games. I had enough of that in high school.

THIS x2!

very few are actually doing that. If you are not doing those things or supporting those who do they are not talking about you. taking these kind of things personal or making them about you is what started a lot of the craziness in the first place.

Heads up : My English isn't great.

Alright, I'll admit it, I was a bit emotional when I wrote that and no recent examples come to mind except Leigh Alexander's "Gamers are over" article and the Gawker guy that said we should bring back bullying on Twiter or something.

The only "gaming press" people I really follow are Giant Bomb and some of the Youtube guys like Total Biscuit and Projared. When I visit other sites it's probably because someone linked to it on Reddit or Facebook or something.

I'll admit that I take this stuff way to seriously and it's probably a defense mechanism I developed in grade school because I've always been made fun of for the things I like.

It's just that the more negative articles get a lot of traffic and get spread around a lot. If I could avoid them I would. A lot of articles that talk about the horrible things a group of people have done often label them as "gamers". Like "horrible gamers have done this" or "horrible gamers have harassed so and so". I think they should detach them from the hobby completely and just call them what they are, "horrible people", because right now I feel like I'm getting lumped in with them because I share a hobby with them.

I know it's stupid, I know take it to personally and I'm trying not to but it's really hard. Each time I see something like "horrible gamers have done this or that" I feel the urge to say "They are just shitty people, being gamers has nothing to do with it." So far I've managed to stay mostly out of it which is a good thing because I tend to be an emotional person that often speaks without thinking but it's getting really hard not to click "post reply" these days.

Hey man, it takes a lot to even admit that you might be a little too emotionally involved in something. So I give you props man.

I think if you take a step back and look, there really aren't a lot of people calling you a sexist nerd. I can actually confirm that people you seem to like do not think that way of you (giantbomb, tb, etc). When culture gets as big as gaming does you start getting a lot of different people and view points that are going to be at ends with each other. Some of those groups are going to say things that seem to attack your character. But you have to try and not let that shit bother you. Just try to find things and people in gaming that you like and enjoy them. I hope Giantbomb is that place from you. And when people are putting you down for what you like, try to talk with them about it, or ignore them. And finally please do not attack other's because they are either making you feel bad or they have a different look on things then you. I do not say that because I think you will, but because I am truly shocked by some of the shit people have done to other people this month over video games.

Anyways I just want to say is gaming is awesome. Some people are going to try and make you feel bad about it. Forget them. Have fun with games. Be apart of this awesome community. And finally be nice to others. Life is way to short to spend it putting people down.

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@justicejanitor said:

I just want them to stop insulting me and calling me a sexist nerd and perpetrating stereotypes because I enjoy video games. I had enough of that in high school.

What "gaming journalists" do you follow that actually do that? Seriously. Please provide links. @mousse_gallon please provide some links as well too. I am really curious to see what games journalists you guys follow that do this.

On Topic: I already get what I want from games journalism. I want to know about games that are coming out, what is new about them, if they are good or not, and stories about the developers behind them.

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@sirkibble2: Well it sounds like your boss might just be a pain in the ass. If I would you I would stick it out for a bit longer. If she continues to make the place tough to work at then maybe start looking for somewhere else to work.

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I was on the gamespot forums when the whole Kane and Lynch thing went down. I got into the site because of the reviews and system wars. I didn't really know who wrote the reviews, I just trusted the site. I had fun with the mayhem of system wars.

Eventually I got pretty sick of the mayhem and wanted to find somewhere a bit more civil to talk/learn about games. I remembered a thread about giantbomb on gamespot and checked it out. Fell in love with the place.

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Probably 200 for two without any alcohol. Not something I do often, but it's fun to go kind of nuts on a dinner once a year or so.