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@Tim_the_Corsair:  Yeah, I know what you mean, but I can't think of anything unusual...
I think I have to ask at this point. We wouldn't see each other much without actively trying, so I doubt there will be a lot of interaction even if we did stay friends.
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@Tim_the_Corsair:  Nope. Hadn't slept together or anything yet. Two nights before we had grabbed dinner and a play. Then she kinda springs that on me out of the blue. Maybe I'm just terrible at reading women, but it seemed like we were both having fun.
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I appreciate all the replys. I think the thing that threw me off the most is that she was so active in talking to me and finding time to hangout. I initiated the first date, but two days later she invited me over for dinner. Normally I would be able to tell right away if she wasn't into me. I suppose it might just be her friendly nature. I do want to ask why she didn't want to pursue anything just for my own edification, but I don't want to be confrontational about it.
As for 3-4 dates being enough time to know, I guess that is true, but I think I'm kind of a hard guy to get to know. My relationships in the past have been a result of getting to know each other for a while and then dating. I don't have this luxury with her. Anyways, thanks again.

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So the past couple of weeks I was seeing this girl whom I really like. I thought the dates went well, mostly dinner, movies, hanging out, etc. The other day she tells me she doesn't see herself being in a romantic relationship with me. Seemed a little too soon to make that conclusion, we'd only had 3 or 4 dates under us. Should I try to convince her otherwise? Is there a way to do that? If the dates had been crumby I would understand and not be as unwilling to accept my fate, but I had a great time and thought she did, too. Should I try to find out why she feels that way?  I think I took it pretty well when she told me, but now it is sorta eating away at me. Anyways, sorry for another "help me with girls!" thread, but I appreciate any insights you guys and gals may have.

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I was watching my roommate play Katamari, and I decided I would like to see a 2012-esque disaster movie based of it.

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Well, I'm a scenic carpenter, so I guess I can give a little advice.
1)  Be safe. Wear safety glasses when cutting. Don't be a douche.
2)  Measure twice, cut once. You can try out a simple drafting software if you want, like google sketchup.
3)  For your joints, you've got a few options
-  Pocket screws are pretty good. You can buy a pocket screw jig at a home improvement store. It makes a pretty strong joint. Keep in mind, though, that a screw has far more PULL strength than it does SHEAR strength. This is why you can't really pull a screw out with a hammer but you can break it off quite easily. It's just the opposite with nails and staples. Keep this in mind when deciding how to join your pieces and where the forces are being applied. Its not a great idea to have a lot of downward pressure being applied to horizontal screw. That being said, unless you are really fat, it might not be a problem.
-  Dowels and wood glue. Screw two holes on the inside of both sides of the joint (be precise), squirt some glue in the holes, stick in a dowel, and CLAMP.
- Just screw straight through the wood and fill it with something later. If you plan on staining it, make sure you get a stainable filler.
4) Sand all the pieces, you don't want to get a splinter every time you sit.
5) Uh... ta da?
Good luck!

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Reddit may have more stuff and get it sooner, but I feel like there is so much crap and stupid people who are way to full of themselves there. I've started going there, but I feel like a worse person every time I do. Can't really do anything on Digg unless you are a power user, though, so I just read the front pages.

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I only play a little, but I have a fairly cheap Yamaha acoustic (wood body, though, so it still sounds nice) and an Epiphone with an SG body.

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@JasonDaPsycho said:
" Difference between peanut butter and jam: I can't peanut butter my dick up your ass. "