I really felt like destroying zombies, so I fired up Left 4 Dead 2 today.
I really enjoy playing this game single player. It's mostly because all my friends are really good at shooters and I'm pretty average these days, being older, more docile and spreading out my gameplay amongst far too many games, so I never get good at any of them really.  My friends all move ahead really quickly and know all the right strategies to use, so I never seem to learn anything for myself.
Anyway, I know this game wasn't really built for enjoying by yourself, but does anyone else enjoy playing the campaigns in single player?

 I am probably going to face this alone...and enjoy it.


I'm Batman?


I didn't think I was ready for another adventure. I didn't think it was from a character and a universe I cared little for.

Everyone heard it. You have to play Batman: Arkham Asylum. It's actually good and sticks close to the old ways of The Bat. But I was skeptical. Fanboys will be fanboys. Of course you are going to like it, it has Batman in it. They could put him in a polkda dot dress and you would call it "Immersive and engaging".

I had enough people recommend it to me that a little under a week ago I gave it a try. Now I'M BATMAN. That is truly what it feels like. Stalking to shadows, being capable of installing fear into the hearts of goons. Putting your detective skills to work. Having a grizzly voice. As preciously mentioned, I'm not a bat fan. I never read the comics, sure I enjoyed the latest film (who didn't). But the game either gives you a great education into the history of the comic series, or it may well back up what you love so much about the caped crusader.

I didn't expect so much to do as well. Collectibles, challenges, riddles. An OCD gamer would have a ball. I'm happy to just trip through the game and gaze on what it's offering.

I am so pleased to have played so many single player games this year, because I have really found such reward in completing some of the best experiences around, of late. Batman is one of them. 

Is this the video game police?! There's a fire going on in my lounge room!


Over the last few days I've found myself playing Rock Band 2 again. At first I wasn't enjoying it as much, because I had lost my touch. My days of slamming expert mode and having my muscle memory kick in were gone. So over the last couple of sessions I've been fighting to get it back, which I have.
Tonight I unlocked the Endless Setlist 2. All 84 RB2 songs, one after the other. There are 1 or 2 songs that really still escape me, even on Hard. Battery by Metallica and I thiiiiink the Mastodon track as well. Any advice with these two? I'm talking strategy.
Also, about how long does the endless setlist take to complete? Any advice for this monumental task?


Hands Up

Who out there is really into Trophy collecting on PS3, who also owns a 360?
See, I like seeing my Gamerscore climb on my 360, but I have no care for my trophy count on PS3.
I think it's because your gamerscore features more prominently in the 360 menu's, also I seem to notice other players scores as well.
Whilst the trophy score on PS3 seems tucked away.


Not tonight

I started playing Assasin's Creed again tonight. Had it since I picked up my PS3 late last year.
The game is fine I guess, but nothing is going on, so much that I want to see it through to the end. And I enjoy action adventure games.
So, I guess the question I'm asking is, if I don't enjoy the first one, is AC2 going to change things that much? It got rave reviews I know, but I really don't need another game to pay through at the moment. I'm a stickler for finishing games in order in a series, too.



I haven't really had that much time this weekend to play the Halo Reach: Beta, but I got a little bit of time with Invasion yesterday and still enjoying The Arena play I am getting in. I think I'm going to enjoy the idea of logging in every day, just play a couple of Arena games, to keep my hand in.
I think Invasion is really going to be made or broken by the community. I've really only played Objective Invasion, but I think after a little more time and perhaps played with friends I might see myself playing alot of this mode, than previous varied gametypes, offered in Halo 3.  
Time will tell and we will see.
This blog would have more images in it, if I wasn't capped.


A Day in and not Getting out of Panau

So the Halo: Reach Beta has been with us for over a day now and I'm sure everyone has their early thoughts gathered by now.
For me so far, it's been pretty eye opening. This isn't your grandpappies halo (beta). Grenades feel stronger, the new abilities really have their place and matchmaking is a whole new breeze, which is shocking that its in a beta. Pretty excellent if you ask me.
I can't wait for Friday to roll around so I can try out Invasion. I think it will be just my thing. 

Feels better than a sword through the back of your head

Otherwise, I cleaned up Just Cause 2 main missions on the weekend. I thought I'd be done with it, but I want to finish all the faction missions and hit at least 50% completion. I'm not usually like this, but Just Cause 2 is a game I want to stay with. 

 One of my favorite parts. Destruction.

Probably hit you up (talking to you internet) on the weekend with another blog.

Jumping ship

I've been blogging on 1up.com now for about 5 years. The community has been good to me and I really enjoy pushing myself to write something worthwhile (in my eyes) on a weekly basis.
But the community is starting to feel like one divided. Np longer is it one big happy camping facility. People come and go, as you should if you choose, but the commitment to a strong gaming community doesn't feel like it's there any more. 
And it feels like Giant Bomb is the next step.
This could be the start of things, or this could be a one off. I've been on this site from the start (even before then, with the podcasts), with all the wonderful content I'll be around for a long time to come. We will just wait and see if it's in a blogging capacity.