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An unstoppable force of fun, meets and immovable object of destru 0

There will always be arguments between arcade racer fans and sim purists. Like it all not, the fun loving arcade fans will always have an issue with those who enjoy 100 laps around an oval track. This might never chance, but there are amazing games in both genres. Motorstorm Apocalypse is certainly one for the arcade racers.Motorstorm Apocalypse is set within the destroyed city ruins of a world being torn apart, by the end of days if you will. This makes for amazing racing terrain, as every hard...

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Block, Parry, Rinse, Repeat. 0

 I started Assassin's Creed with a pretty open mind. Move about a city, do some repetitive tasks (it had been that long and all the reviews said so) and eventually kill some bad guys. But I rode quite the unexpected wave. I had to really push myself to continue at the start. The environments the player is put in all seemed remedial for such a game and I really had no curiousity encountering a new city. The people living in these surroundings were much alike, characters existing purely of ...

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Driving a Jetski Upstream, Shooting Explosive Barrels 0

 I had 2 pretty strong reasons for wanting to play through Uncharted again, when my PS3 backup corrupted and I couldn't continue: I said I wouldn't buy any more PS3 games until I had finished UnchartedMy first playthrough was really fun Having already experienced a good 3/4's of the game previously, I was happy to skip cutscenes and blaze through the game a little. But I was really reminded that Uncharted is one big great adventure, in the truest sense. The various jungle settings do the ga...

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Always New Depths. 0

 "Game of the forever!!!" is bandied around pretty often in our greater internet communities. Many of us make yearly or decade long lists, numbering games to show ourselves and others what we really hold special in our gaming interests. I can't do that to myself (mostly due to a forgetful memory and I just try to enjoy myself as much as I can), but if I did, I would have a new game to add to BEST GAME 4EVA. Bioshock. We've already had a past too. 2 times previously have I tried to start t...

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Negatively Charged 0

 When I first got my PS3 I was looking forward to playing inFamous. Open world electrically charged fun, right? For a while yes, but some things really wear thin, especially when they are right in front of your face. A less than inviting storyline. Bald angry man gets unwanted powers, has rag tag group of people in his life, all with conflicting emotions with him ( torn ex-lover, goofy bro sidekick with less than helpful issues and everyone in between), mysterious bad guys lead him down a ...

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